Thursday , September 29 2022

After launching a plan to murder a public prosecutor, they are transferring to the female Farré


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Fernando Farré, female Claudia Schaefer

Fernando Farré, female Claudia Schaefer

Farré was transferred Thursday to the office and prosecutor Marcelo Selier, head of Florencio Varela Functional Training Unit, expand their complaints about assaults and threats who suffered the inside of the Prison Unit 24, where he was staying and that was connected "Naco Goldfinger" Brown

After announcing the former prosecutor, it is proposed to transfer it "on foot" to Alcaldía III de La Plata and then take it Penitentiary Unit 6 of Dolores.

Lawyer Jorge Césaro had ensured Telam what "Fernando fears his life" because it was "followers of the Pardo band in Florencio Varela prison" who could kill "at any time".

The lawyer also said that the femicide He split a cell with the musician for several months at Unit 48 of San Martin and that the relationship there was good until "Naco Goldfinger" started to get money from him and his family to give him money in exchange for not having an object.

According to the lawyer, On June 24, Pardo and other prisoners came to boiling water and there he succeeded in changing the flag, where he met Carlos Colosimo, uncle of Wanda Nara, who was convicted of abuse and corruption of minors, who saved him by warning him that Pardo's murder was going to kill.

In the months he shared cells when Farré heard that Pardo had "had an obsession" with the prosecutor Patricio Ferrari of San Isidro because he was imprisoned and had intended to hire assassins to killed in San Fernando, where they could make his body disappear "bottom of the river" or close in Cariló.

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