Saturday , July 2 2022

After being eliminated in the Dancing, Mica Viciconte dancers showed themselves angry: "I'm leaving with some fighting"


Nobody wanted losing and the semifinals was the best example. There were two semi-media media that defined the two competitors who will compete on Thursday, December 20, for title 2018 dancing The final is: Julin Serrano – Sofi Morandi and Jimena Barn – Mauro Caiazza. On the other hand, those who had no luck and who were eliminated were: Mica Viciconte – Nacho Saraceni Mara del Cerro – Facundo Mazzei, all the participants can not overcome the phone case.

The rod was very high and the prospects of the competitors remain intact, but two have been dedicated in the final. After the definition of the first semifinal that crowns the youngest of the competition, Mica dancers are encouraged to talk and express their feelings: I can go with some fighting. It was very difficult and really, it was very difficult in every step of the return, to resume between tear characenes.

nacho saraceni

It was a good thing you did, you cut it but we'll put the other to the other team, tell the competitors of the show specialists and show that they are discomfort by saying it having a left taste, as he was praised but not enough, as they were never reflected in the score or in the final half-lasting gala.

The deletion of the dancing competition appears to have led the Viciconte team to speak and say everything they have to say. Next was Nacho to talk, then the trainer was added: Many hands, so much was not needed. It seems to me too much. Mica said that she came to a fart and she was so. Then we're waiting up, let the children dance and then we're going to the phone and that's, "said the choreographer.

Despite the previous Dancing statements, the truth is that the Tinelli program ends and the winner of the competition will be known next Thursday. On the other hand, the character of Fabin Cubero's love was notable, as his performance went from small to large and became a figure of thirteen.

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