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After a hard debate, he hit him in the head with a machete and escaped


December 5, 2018

It happened in the Tucumán state. Personnel of the Homicide and Criminal Division worked on the scene. They're looking for the run that hit the machete.

Place of event in Tucumán machetazo

A blood event was held on Wednesday afternoons in El Colmenar town in Tucuman.

According to the La Gaceta newspaper, a man was killed by a machete in the head after he had a strong debate with another person, who fled.

The attack on San Ramón Avenue was held in 1,000 and the victim was designated as Jorge Leonardo Cantillo, a national national.

Extreme violence: she threw her former partner while working

Personnel of the Homicide and Criminal Division works in the place.

Geraldine Salazar, a lawyer for the victim's family, explained that the event would have happened after a debate that Cantillo would have had with a neighbor.

Tucuman newspaper states that the accused of the crime would be noted.

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