Tuesday , October 4 2022

After 10 years, Santiago Del Moro leaves Intratables and America


Event Santiago del Moro o America It was just sure it was but today it's a fact. A driver "Tangible"The star of the television channel would leave the signal at the end of December.

While in discussions with American directors since May, considering the possibility of continuing in 2019 in managing his bike and with the presentation of reality on another channel, everything changed with a meeting on Tuesday.

Then they told them that this combination was incompatible and Del Moro, in total, decided that the connection with the station had reached 10 years ago.

Del Moro, who has been able to capture many spectators through his non-delegated style to discuss current affairs and politics, has offered several offers, including one of Telefe.

Santiago came to America with "Infama" and will now start a new step in other areas such as entertainment or information.

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