Wednesday , September 28 2022

Afon announced how he will return the final ticket money failed by the Libertadores Cup


The paper has already passed. He will love forever. And a lot of sadness and anger, which a party saw, had disappeared from some too. Although it sounds unusual, the finalists of the Libertadores Copa will be played in Madrid because some confusions of the Afon have attacked the Boca micro when they reached the Monumental, and forced to stop the game.

There were more than 66,000 people staying on court one afternoon that was for memory or hope, but a football game frame and nothing else. But it could not be.

Now, the definition of the most traditional American club tournament will be defined in a strange and distant location for Libertadores, both of which have flowering and much neutral and curious.

And since it is not in the Monumental, the River has no choice but to return the money from the tickets. Yes the over 100 million pesos that rose will go back to zero. As a result, Núñez club announced a statement to inform how the money will be repaid.

Although the first thing that the Millionaire team is doing is to reject the game again in Madrid. "River Plate Athletics Club confirms its refusal to change location for the Libertadores Copa final organized by CONMEBOL. That decision, an alien to the Club, denotes the continental competition and affects the equality of the conditions of losing our status as local ", he said at the beginning of the letter.

How will it return?

Members who pay through a credit card will be refunded through this sum during this month. Those who paid in cash will be repaid and the sum through the social fee to pay the whole amount of the ticket. But if they prefer cash, they can raise it in the club's Paddock on December 18, 19 and 20, from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., with the record, photocopy of an ID card and a daily ticket.

Those who received their ticket through the Somos River paid through a credit card were reimbursed by that amount during this month. Although international partners must send the credit card data to [email protected], so that the club repays the amount of access during this month.

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