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Afon and Boca object to Conmebol's decision to play the final in another country – 11/27/2018

Burning assumption And not only due to the high temperatures. The heat is felt as soon as you leave the airport and a few kilometers are made and you will go to Luque, where the Conmebol headquarters has been located, and yesterday it was epicenter for all the eyes in South America. The meeting did not happen to see what was done with the superfinal, which was for many in the end of the world and became the role of the universe, after being suspended twice, after the assault of the Afon supporters of the micro and # 39; n move the Boca players. Therefore, the South American entity of Argentina took the senior head and talked about so much. If there's a game, it's played overseas.

"The conditions for play in Argentina are not given," said president of Conmebol Alejandro Dominguez, in his incredible direction to a large number of media present here, in Paraguay and also in our country, in their among them Clarin.

He added: "Football will not be won with stomachs or attacks. It's won by the players on the court. Or all the South American football players unite to give up & # 39 ; the violence, or the violence will be responsible for finishing South America football. "

Yes yes, faithful to the strange communication style of the Conmebol, He presented a star: "The party's dispute is subject to what the Disciplinary Unit decides".

At that time Rodolfo D 'Onofrio and Daniel Angelici had already left Conmebol headquarters. After late exposure, where the faces were once again after the ban and accusations of seizures, none of them left the meeting (also the presidents of the AFA, Claudio Tapia and the Federation Paraguaya Soccer, Robert Harrison) with Domínguez.

For the one of the River, It blows not to have the placement. It's a great economic loss and also the sport, with no chance to define home, with the audience.

And in Boca they felt like dispute Let him know that the game will be played abroad before the Disciplinary Unit decides on its presentation. If the Xeneize club has asked the return meeting to be finalized, Afon is disqualified and Boca is announced as a champion.

Angelici confirmed at a press conference in the hotel lobby in front of the Conmebol headquarters, where the leaders of both clubs stayed. "We do not accept to play any game and I hope that they will take the necessary time to review all the tests we present. If the decision is not favorable, we will appeal, and if necessary, we will go to the TAS (Arbitration Court for Sports), "Xeneize secured the owner before leaving Asunción (plus a third club leader, Darío Richarte, Christian scriptwriter Gribaudo, and lawyer Javier Medín), leaving the feeling that Boca does not want to play the game and want everything to be resolved in the desks.

Onofrio's Daughter (he was with the secretary of the river, Ignacio Villarroel, and lawyer Gonzalo Mayo), who was from Monday afternoons, went directly from the Conmebol headquarters to the airport without doing statements.

When he arrived at Buenos Aires he spoke and said: "It was told that President Mauricio Macri wanted the last player to be played in the River and the public." With that idea, he thought to be the president of the Afon of Paraguay, but the chances of playing in the Monumental were leaving Dominguez's sayings.

Meanwhile, from Conmebol has slipped that the award would leave Tuesday. However, hours later officially announced it was deferred. The reason? Boca expanded his presentation yesterday with a new folder of 46 folios and a transfer of that document was made to the River, which had to respond in no more than 24 hours. The same thing happened in the case of a Cave with the River and the penalty to Gallardo.

There is no certainty about when it will come out. It's similar this Wednesday or up to date, on Thursday. In Boca they ensure that They provided very strong evidence. They believe in the River They have no living.

Of the five members of the Disciplinary Unit, Diego Pirota will not vote because he is Argentina and the other four, three will do so, in case not to be unanimous, he will not be share.

The three are Eduardo Gross Brown (President of the Tribunal) Paraguay, Cristóbal Baldés Chile and Amerilis Belisario Venezuelan. The ball did not fall for Antonio Meccia Brazil, who could be in favor of Boca. Would he possibly influence the pressure of the Brazilian Football Confederation, facing Dominguez, the owner of the Conmebol?

What will happen next to the superfinal? Will she play one day? Everything indicates that if there is no strange occurrence, the failure goes to that address. Truly, some locations were already being considered. One of them was Asunción, exactly. From Conmebol, Paraguay Police leader Walter Vázquez was asked if he could arrange it at Defensores del Chaco. His answer was yes. However, after the announcement, he notified the Paraguaya press, if he had played here, It is done without an audience and closes the border. And they started to transfer the chance of transferring to Miami or Doha. Qatar's capital gives her more strengthercanía (554km) with Abu Dhabi, where the Club World Cup will take place. Far from Argentina.

Special departure to Asunción

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