Saturday , November 28 2020

"ADN for all", offers Patricia Bullrich …

After encouraging the creation of a DNA bank for all accused of rape, Security Minister Patricia Bullrich confirmed that she appraised the extension of the registry to all convicted of crimes. Inclusive, it left the possibility that the bank could expand with the "DNA for everyone" that would include samples from all Argentina, under the argument that it is "fingerprints of the XXI Century".

"It's very important to many things that happen: a disappearance of people, paternity, maternity … As there is so much objection to the first one we have taken, those who are ; n running, which we could only implement now, we are moving on to all offenders, but my idea to achieve that DNA is what today is the fingerprint, "said the officer, who was mentioned as the potential companion of Mauricio Macri in an election formula in the future.

The minister returned to the charge with the security doctrine operated by the Security portfolio, identified by the penalty and vacancy policies for police forces. In that sense, he said he intended to hold a paradigm shift "which provides a victim in the center, which is in favor of society and not defending the victim." "All of our policy goes to that address," confirmed Bullrich in a dialogue with Radio Mitre. During his tenure, police officer Luis Chocobar defended the shot of a offender at the back, launched a new protocol that enabled police to shoot without giving a loud voice and supporting security forces whenever they were way. everything to the Gendarmerie in the middle of the investigation by the disappearance and death of Santiago Maldonado.

In another tour of the interview, he referred to the possibility of fundamental disputes in Cambiemos, as the radicals claimed, and on the version that she could integrate an electoral binomial with Macri.

"In the political game there is a PASO, someone can be introduced," he said, but then he explained that "most of Cambiemos know President Macri as a driver," at the center of the internal policy that abolished the UCR. "I do not think that I'm a candidate, at the moment, security is one of the important points in building our identity as we change. Nobody had told me anything, I do not have any sign that it will be like that, "he said then for his potential possibility.

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