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Acne in adults affects more women due to hormonal and environmental factors


Adolescents are not just acne, and adults also suffer, mainly women. Stress, corruption and hormonal changes are the main factors that cause the appearance of these defects in the face, back, in the chest and other parts of the body.

Certain diet, medicines, supplements, particle and heat particles favor the collection and production of fat in the skin. It is estimated that the 40 per cent of the population over 25 years of age have this dermatological problem, and 75 per cent are female.

About half of the adult girls have some kind of acne. Over the last decade, it has increased by 60 per cent, mainly due to environmental stress, dermatologist Ana Cecilia Arias said in an interview.

"Late acne is stronger in women than in men because of hormonal problems from menstruation, pregnancy, taking antipodies and leaving menopause," he said.

Contamination increases acne by the toxins and chemicals that the particles contain when clipping pores and producing more fat deposits in and croen. This condition favors the inflammation and development of bacteria, which is derived from this dermatological condition.

He mentioned that this skin disease can be frustrating, because during this period of life, it is usually deeper, more painful and more circular.

Inflammatory type lumps occur more frequently around the mouth, the jaw and the sinus, and the approach to the disease is different, since treatment that has worked in adolescent can be useless or worsening lesions after the age of 25 or 40

There are cases of teenage acne, but at 30, 40 or even 50 years and this is called an acne of an adult or late acne.

The expert noted that adults may have more sensitive skin or combinations of dermis conditions, since acne produces thick skin texture, pimples, oily skin, spreading pores, black spots and boring growth.

They are also people who, just because of their age, have their skin lost lines, fine lines, wrinkles, drought and residual marks, which make the treatment more challenging.

In light to moderate cases, contemporary treatments such as Sebiaclear Serum can be used, a product that includes a combination of active ingredients such as glucconolactone, niacinamide and two types of hyaluronic acid, with double steps.

It helps to fight acne on a mature skin, while reducing stains and residual marks, and fine lines.


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