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A world alarm for a virus transmitted by dogs and could cause a pandemic

Dogs and cats could be fatal flu drivers affecting people. This disclosure arose from an investigation of more than a decade made South Koreaand its results had frightened the international medical community.

This study, conducted for 10 years by 2010 Dae-sub Song, a professor at the University of Korea, has discovered that initially dogs can be forces of subtype H3N2, called the i viruscanine nfluenza. Also during the swine flu pandemic, t the H1N1 virus also affected dogs. In this line, according to the researcher, The two sub-types could interact by producing a mutation of the name "CIVmv".

"Existing VSDs can recombine or re-accumulate with human flu viruses and lead to new viruses which in turn could lead to unique pandemics", the investigator warned.

That study revealed Dogs infected with ferrets infected with CIVmv virus t they used for the inquiry. These mustelids they have an anti-virus protection mechanism similar to that of humans. This suggests that the virus is also a threat to our species.

“So far, dogs have been seen as guests left in the field of influenza research. However, after the first report on cross-species, pet virus viruses should be supervised further., Song warned.

A world alarm for a virus transmitted by dogs and could cause a global pandemic

During the studies of this new strain of flu, Dr Song noted that infected dogs and ferrets had typical symptoms of respiratory disease, such as congestion, difficulty breathing, coughing, watery eyes, sneezing, lethargy and loss of appetite.

In addition to this discomfort, the researcher reported that the new strain spreads among ferrets faster than other flu viruses.

Scientists have already demonstrated the high ability of the virus. In one case, investigated by the Korean scientist, t He was transferred to shelter cats, where 100% of the animals were infected and 40% died..

As Song explains, the great risk to people lies in the immune deficiency against this new strain. The high density of mutation of the virus made it difficult to prepare a vaccine.

A world alarm for a virus transmitted by dogs and could cause a global pandemic

The full results of this research will be presented on 10 April at the Eisteddfod's annual conference Society of Microbiology in Belfast (The United Kingdom).

As reported The sunThe findings are in addition to other investigations carried out by scientists at Mount Sinai University in New York, which was published last year, and found that swine flu, which is currently breaking new ground in pig farms in China and means that very little meat can be used, t and the avian flu could spread to dogs.

So far, the earliest flu pandemic in history was the Spanish case of 1918 which infected a third of the population and claimed up to 100 million lives.

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