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A well-known actor claimed that she was a terrible victim: however, the police discovered the mark and they had to give up


The whistle for the actor of the series Empire Jussie Smollett He started with reports that he had not worked fully with the police after telling the authorities that he had attacked him Chicago no Two men throwing racist and homosexual madness and tied a neck rope.

After the detectives – in a city full of surveillance cameras – I can not find the video of the alleged bullying, The Two brothers were arrested for questioning, but they were released after two days. Lack of evidence, police said they no longer suspected.

After three weeks of growing doubt, Smollett I was accused of making a mock police report on Wednesday, a charge that could take up to three years in prison and force the actor, who is African-American and gay, to pay the cost of investigating fake fight report on January 29.

The police had tried on Wednesday to contact solicitors Smollett to discuss her surrender. Thursday, He turned himself to the authorities and was arrested. It is expected that today will be presented to court.

"We are trying to be diplomatic and reasonable, and we expect him to do the same"said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Archestl Felony for disorderly behavior It came to pass on the same day that the detectives and both brothers testified before the great jury. The lawyers from Smollett they met with prosecutors and police, but they do not know what they were talking about or if the actor Empire He attended the meeting.

In a statement, the solicitors are Todd Pugh a Victor Henderson they said that Smollett "enjoying the assumption of innocence, especially when this investigation has been done where the information, true and false, has been dropped repeatedly"

The announcement of the payments came after a series of activities in recent days, which included Long police interviews with siblings, home record and to release after the officers were sent.

The researchers have not said what the brothers contributed to detectives during the queries or tests collected in their homes. But it became increasingly clear that there were serious questions about the story of Smollett, something that the police reported on Friday when he published "significant change in the trajectory"the investigation after the brothers were released.

Smollett, who plays a gay character in the TV show hit Fox, he said he had been attacked on January 29 when he was walking home from a sandwich shop Subway from the center. He claimed that the masked men beat him, commented against and shouting "This is a country MAGA", a clear reference to the president's campaign slogan Donald Trump, "Make great America again" (MAGA, in English), before fleeing.

The previous Wednesday, Fox Entertainment a 20th Century TV has issued a statement saying that Smollett "he is still a professional on the set"and its character is not removed from the show." The series was filming Chicago and follow a black family as they pursue the recording industry.

The report study statement followed that role Smollett I was reduced at the heart of a police investigation.

After reviewing hundreds of hours of video, the detectives came to discover and publish images of two people who said they wanted to question and last week the brothers arrived at the airport. O & Hare when they returned Nigeria. The police questioned the men and searched their flat.

The brothers, designated by their lawyer as Abimbola "Abel"ac Olabinjo "Oil" Osundairo, they were kept for almost 48 hours after suspected assault Smollett.

The day after its release, the police said that the men gave information that "change the trajectory of research", and the detectives asked for another interview with them Smollett.

The police said that one of the men had appeared in it Empire, and lawyers Smollett They said one of them was the actor's personal trainer, who hired her to help prepare for a music video physically. The actor announced his first album, Swm My Music, and last year.

Smollett He was accused by prosecutors, not by the chief jury. The police spokesman said the brothers appeared before the panel to "enclose your evidence"Speaking outside the court where the chief jury met, the brothers lawyer said that both men testified for about two and a half hours.

"There was a point where we needed to tell this story and he took over the staff and said that we corrected this"he said Glory Schmidt. He said his clients were not worried about the agreement or immunity of a plea. "You do not need immunity when you are"he said.

He also said that his clients were receiving money from Smollett, but did not give more details.

Smollett has been active on issues of LBGTQ, a Initial reports of the assault triggered a lack and support in the social networks, even the senator Kamala Harris o California and a TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

But several hours left Smollett He was skeptical and the allegations were announced, celebrities had little response.

Former prosecutor of the Sir Cookery, The Andrew WeisbergHe said that critics will rarely send defendants to the prison for making false reports, choosing rather to test them, especially if they do not have any criminal record.

Smollett He has a record, which refers to giving false information to the police when He was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence. According to the minutesHe was also accused fake reflection and o drive without leave. He later declared himself ineligible at a reduced cost and took an alcohol education and treatment program.

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