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A two-year-old daughter holds her grandson hantavirus – 02/02/2019

A two-year-old girl has 32 positive hauntavirus cases. The wonder is that he was infected by his grandmother, a woman was in hospital with the same diagnosis and had already released.

The town of Epuyén was warned about the Hantavirus infection. Photo: Marcelo Martinez.

The town of Epuyén was warned about the Hantavirus infection. Photo: Marcelo Martinez.

The baby lives in the town of El Bolsón Río Negro, but his case is related to the cause that is derived from Epuyén, Chubut. He informed the health authorities on that Saturday Bariloche suffered the smallest of El Bolsón as a positive cause of hantavirus and 32 people are affected by the Epuyén case. Meanwhile, a Esquel patient was released.

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By the backing number number 63, those health authorities notified the slightest result to Bariloche from El Bolsón, where she was optional respiratory isolation. The youngest is the granddaughter of the 38-year-old woman who was hospitalized with hantavirus in mid-January and was released. It was associated with Epuoen epidemiological causes.

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With this minor, 32 cases were confirmed since the reserves started, at the beginning of December last year. In the same document, one patient is said to be released and three others stay in the ward at Zonal Esquel Hospital, and two of them leave the Intensive Care Unit recently.

It is remembered that around 30 residents of the Andean Region who perform a selective respiratory insulation. This represents relief because the causes disappearInitially there were 100 isolated settlers, all in some way connected to those who had been infected.

The Virus virus, a viral disease caused by the long heath, started at Epuyén in early December when a 14-year-old girl died. I had been involved in a party where a rural worker contacted a gallon cleansing in the town. 11 people died, including the 32 who agreed the virus.

Chubut health authorities trust that the measure of "respiratory isolation" has achieved its objectives since then For several weeks no new cases have been reported in the town of Epuyén after suffering the case, it now supports forest fires that could not be managed so far as a whole and deliberately started.

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