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A tummy baby had a devastating brain, but it disappeared: doctors can not explain it – 12/18/2018


The case is hitting the US. And I've been broadcast through the USA Today. Roxli Doss is a 11 year old girl who has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor, "destructive" according to doctors and unreliable. Known as DIPG (scattered glioma of bulk), the tumor reduces vision, ability to talk and can even cause breathing problems.

The disease is found in a brainstorm, mainly affects children and finds it very difficult and in many cases it occurs months before the fatal result.

The images made in June.

The images made in June.

The cruel diagnosis was confirmed in August. Then, this little girl from Texas started doing radiotherapy with the intention of looking for something palliative. According to science, it was impossible to access the head and try to reduce the tumor.

But now the miracle came. New studies record the tumor's absence. Six months ago, "doctors agreed from several centers consulted as DIPG," said the father of the child, Scott Doss.

Parents the little one.

Parents the little one.

The woman spent weeks of radiation and all his parents could do was pray for a miracle. And now, without tracing the tumor, the family think about an explanation outside of science.

"When I first saw MRI Roxli, it was very incredible," confirms Dr. Harrod, who is leading the case. "The tumor is anonymously in the MRI, which is really unusual," it confirms.

"God Roxli said," said the mother, "We did not know how long she would be healthy and, looking at her, she's very good," she said. r tad. Now, doctors checked the scans from other studies and confirmed, incredibly, that there are no traces of the disease.

In any case, they will follow the case closely, with ancillary treatments such as immunotherapy as a precautionary measure. In addition, the family opened a page in GoFundMe for those people who can help them for expenses or medical studies in the future.

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