Monday , June 27 2022

A trade unionist killed mid-year bonus discussion


The episode after the Billarreal meeting took place in the morning with the president of the community of Puerto Gaboto, Sandra Aguirre, that she would have asked for the union's economic contribution to the Fiestas, a claim that was refused.

On leaving the meeting, the general secretary went to the main square of the town, to communicate the results of the meeting to the members.

According to the porch Regional information, an assembly was held in the place where its climate was rising in the field, untilNot of those who took part in the debate, he was talking to Billarreal.

They bent themselves in combat with the pounds and in the middle of the fight, the member withdrew from extinguishing. Billiarreal led twice to the legs and fell to the floor. Then the assault gave him a rifle gig at the head and fled.

The general secretary I was taken to hospital in San Lorenzo, where he died at noon because bullet had affected artery.

As it passes, the attacker would have already indicated. The Office of San Lorenzo Prosecutor interferes in the case.

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