Monday , January 17 2022

A solar explosion of the most powerful in the universe?


An international group of scientists found in Llaethog Road is an unprecedented star system in our galaxy, reporting an article published on Monday in the Nature Astronomy magazine.

It's a system of three giant-Rayet stars. Apophis was baptized in honor of the ancient Egyptian god – which had a form of serpent and was a battle against Ra – located around 8,000 light years of Earth. Two of their loyal bodies turn around each other and their forces' collision causes the appearance of a dust path, whose shape is like embryo or bencbwl, an image that gave its name to the discovery. The researchers managed to measure the speed of foreign winds and it was decided to be 12 million kilometers per hour, which represents 1% of light speeds, reporting the Gizmodo gateway.

According to the principal study author, Joseph Callingham, of the Netherlands Astronomy Radio Foundation (ASTRON), Here is "the first system of this type found in our own galaxy".

The study shows that at least one of the stars that are part of Apophis turns quite fast and can produce a long-lasting ray-gamma burst (GRB), one of the ones most powerful in the universe. The explosion could last only a few seconds, but at the same time emits as much energy as the Sun throughout its existence.

Fortunately, the explosion would not reach Earth, otherwise it would destroy the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Peter Tuthill, from the University of Sydney, said that it is not known at the moment what the future of such a system would be and if the huge gorm-shock explosion could become something less powerful than anticipated. "The system could reduce its speed sufficiently and explode as a normal supernova, instead of producing a cut of gamma rays," he said.



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