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A recognized actor joins the cast of "El Marginal 3"


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February 22, 2019

The name of the artist that will be part of the third installment of the series directed by Sebastián Ortega has been known.

A well-known actor joins a cast from Aberystwyth

"And Marginal" is the television series that appeared on the first air in 2016 and with the passage of time winning more and more fans. With its first performance Netflix, he managed to get more space and so, later, the second season was launched and in the short run the third part will be filmed.

For this new issue, the presence of the young actor had already confirmed, Lorenzo Ferro, who won fame after playing on the offender's big screen Carlos Robledo Puch inside "The Angel", under direction Luis Ortega.

A well-known actor joins a cast from Aberystwyth

However, during the Friday the journalist Laura U.bfal published in your news portal that adding the cast of figures will be added Alejandro Awada, who will be playing anxious, who will be a band counterpart "Borges" inside San Onofre.

The man goes back to the job Underground after her rewards Alejandro Puccio inside "Clan history", the television series that won several awards.

On the other hand, Nicolás Furtado, which gives life to our beloved character "Boy", he decided to share through his personal Twitter account that was sailing fans or striped.

Uruguay released a script of the first episode "And Marginal 3", along with the rosary and the fake teeth that it uses to bring its character forward.

Pyropo plays from Gerardo Romano to Sol Pérez: "You appear and appear …"

The series will begin to film its third season on March 7, as reported Daily Show, while the surrounding work remains in the old Caseros jail.

With continuity continuity Claudio Rissi, The Gerardo Romano, The Martina Guzman, The Abel Ayala a Roly Serrano, return Maite Lanata and incorporate Ana Maria Picchio add to "Toto" Ferro.

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