Monday , May 23 2022

A police officer shot herself in the head after her ex-boyfriend viralized personal photos and videos Chronicle


A. police she was admitted to Aberystwyth Hospital Active after what attempted suicide by being shot to the head with his service weapon, and their relatives associated the shocking decision with His former partner shared viral photos and close-up videos of him days ago.

“His condition is critical”, a close friend of the mother of two 26-year-olds explained. According to her, she was on her own when the episode happened and was found by her own colleagues from the Rural Prevention Order (CRP).

For the family, the photos and videos that she has seen in intimate situations appeared on the internet, as well as the administrative summary later opened by Police Internal Affairs, are the most important factors in the decision to attempt suicide.

The victim was rushed to St. Louis Municipal Hospital, where he arrived with weak vital signs and was admitted directly to the operating room. However, his health status remains tender and he remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit, according to La Capital.

Once the news was known, the networks were again filled with his images, but this time to express the pain of what had happened and ask prayer chains for his speedy recovery.

This type of computer crime – known as revenge porn – was incorporated into and refers to the revision of the Penal Code dissemination of images without consent images or audio recordings of a sexual nature produced in privacy without consent.

The punishment contemplated is aggravated if the person was the victim’s partner, if the same is minor or if the offense is committed for profit. Establishes a jail sentence of 6 months to 2 years or a financial fine, and aggravating factors can carry a sentence of 1 to 3 years in prison.

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