Thursday , May 26 2022

A new flu vaccine arrives in Argentina


A new flu vaccine that protects against four species of the virus, two A and two Bs, will be available in Argentina from April and "stretches up to 25%" the attention of viral types sy circulatingsays Carla Vizzotti, president of the Argentina Vaccination and Epidemiology Association (Save).

"Argentina has vaccinated flu with the goal of reducing deaths," said Vizzotti at Telam.

He explained that the "target" population, which has the vaccine free of charge in hospitals and health centers in the country, in Aberystwyth children between 6 and 24 months, over 65, health personnel, pregnant women, women two weeks up to 10 days after delivery and people between two and 65 years of age with risk conditions, such as the heart, respiratory, kidney, obesity and diabetes.

"From the point of view of the individual, in the private sector there are two world-wide vaccines that offer benefits: adjuvantada, which is not available in our country, has shown more efficacy in reducing deaths in people over the age of 65" , said the expert.

And he continued: "The quadrivalent, which will be available, will include a second stress of this year's virus and extends the attention of viral types that cycle by a percentage that can reach 25%."

"The most important thing is that if someone belonged to a risk group, they know they should be vaccinated, regardless of what type of dose they receive." Those who do not integrate these groups can benefit from the vaccine, as it reduces the possibility of contracting the disease or does it; lighter in case it contracted, "he added.

The new vaccine, which will be available in April, protects against the layers of AH1N1, AH3N2, B Yamagata and B Victoria, while the previous one is protected against two A and B. honors.

A flu virus (H1N1) arrived at Argentina at the end of April 2009, via commercial air link with endemic areas.

The first connection was confirmed on May 7 that year, by a man who came from Mexico City and had gone without symptoms.

According to official data, the epidemic was top between June 28 and July 4, with a total of 14,106 hospitals due to respiratory diseases and more than 200 deaths.

Flu symptoms, unlike common disorder, are fever, severe, headaches, tiredness, weakness, addiction, discomfort of chest and cough, and sometimes there is too much wddf, nasal congestion and spreading may also appear.

In terms of the recommendations, the national health portfolio, in addition to the vaccine, advised to clean up the surfaces that the sick touches with water and detergent, soap or alcohol at 70 %.

Also, wash your hands after coughing or tossing and not sharing food, glasses and silverware with people with flu.

"It is also advisable to insulate patients with flu in their homes for seven days, to avoid infection of children who are particularly aging and aging," they complete from Health.

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