Tuesday , October 4 2022

A new app to upload the SUBE from your cell phone


A new app to upload the SUBE from your cell phone

500,000 people can now download the app.

Uploading SUBE Beta is an application that allows you to interact with the SUBE without having to go to a credit validation station. In this way, Users can check the balance and apply credit on the cards, without having to rely on kiosks, subway stations and other loading places.

Although there were only 10,000 people who could be placed on their phones in the first stage, This week the news was announced that the download had enabled 500,000 new users. The aim is that, in addition to using the application, people send helpful comments to improve. So the name Beta, because it is evidence.

Y The app works as follows:

Firstly, you have to have my SUBE user. In the case of not getting it, it's compulsory to create it. Once inside, a series of data must be completed: document number, sex and password.

Then, A selection catalog of options of: "See the balance", "Credit payments" or "Social rate consultation", to see if the social rate is applied. That is expected In the short term, the user can know the last trips made.

How are the payments made?

You can do it through home banks, applications such as Todo Pago and MercadoPago, pim or ATM. In addition, the user can credit up to 10 payments per day in a different SUBE card or the same.

Once the payment method is selected, the SUBE must be supported and maintained behind the phone. The cell phone, when reading the card, will open the application automatically. It should be noted that the exact reading point varies according to the model.

In order to achieve the action, the series of requirements must be on cell phone: He must be Android and version 4.4.1 or above. At present, the application It's not compatible with Apple Apple phones. Also, He must have NFC Technology and an antenna that is compatible with SUBE technology. Of course, you have to do with the internet, so you have to do it make sure you have mobile data or in place with WIFI.

If the cellphone is not compatible, a poster will appear in the Play Store which will prevent you from downloading. Users with the application can send their comments to [email protected]

Once the testing period has finished, the application will be available to all users. According to telephone operators, more than half of NFC's cell phone phones, so they are compatible with this answer.

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