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A meeting of first women in Villa Ocampo: how was the luxury lunch at Beccar?

One of the residences of the Argentinean author Victoria Ocampo, in the town of Beccar, to the north of the Greater Buenos Aires, was the place chosen for the first of the activities set for the companion of the leaders who arrived Argentina to the G20 Summit.

The host for the occasion was the first wife of Argentina, Juliana Awada, who followed the protocol began the call "The accompanying program" of the meeting.

With breaking the streets of the area, the neighborhood, which is usually calm and surrounded by trees and nature, has completely changed by the strong security operation. Even at some time in the hours that led to the time, we heard something reggaeton a background that came from one of the nearby properties.

During the first hours of the morning, different guests, small groups and even a group of captors arrived to take part in the event.

The last to arrive was politicians, US and France, who were also part of the meeting.

As reported by the organization, every first wife or companion had permission to go up to three peers.

After surrounded by extensive gardens, the first women went into the house built in 1891, which has now turned to the museum, where they were accepted by the Mauricio woman Macri.

Smiling, Awada, welcomed guests and also the photographers present, and he especially thanked him for traveling to Beccar to cover the activity, which he described as "very important to Argentina".

Following the protocol conditions, the guests created a traditional family photo with the eclectic facade of the palace in the background.

Immediately, shortly after presenting with everyone for the photographers, Melania Trump retired from the home.

After walking through the gardens, the first girls went and traveled on all halls and houses that kept the spirit of one of the most important intelligences in the Argentina.

Argentina's biggest cook Francis Mallmann The first women entertained with an ideal menu, including a humid north of Argentina, a Salad of Eskian Sea cricket, a bend.

Pudding: fence and spray with dulce de leche.

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