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A girl said she had been raped in a bathroom at a Catholic school: accusing a former partner – 12/12/2018

A complaint about sexual abuse in a school shake social networks in Mendoza this morning. A teenager on Twitter when she was 13 years old said she had raped in the Compañía de María religious school's bathroom with a class last year's class in the primary school. The girl is 17 today and, with the help of her family, went to justice. Her case is being investigated this year by the Mendoza Youth Criminal Prosecutor's Office.

Representative of the Catholic school Fernando Bertonati confirmed that they were aware of the complaint and have coincided with the victim with psychological support. "The girl was protected, she went with her. The school followed the School Directorate protocol to the letter and safeguarding the child at all times, "said the school representative for Radio Nihuil, who confirmed that adolescents had psychological support through the student guidance service.

The boy, the young man mentioned with a name and surname on social networks, reported as a student at the school and graduating. "All the instruments and devices were encouraged to protect those under the age," explained Bertonati.

The actress Thelma Fardin, the adolescent of Mendoza, whose name Flor (his last name had been kept for legal reasons), was moved by the accuser. He decided to tell her illness and set her white by posting the hashtag #MiraComoNosPonemos: "They abused when I was 13, I was very innocent for me, this was accompanied by María de Ciudad's school, in the elementary school bathroom." Do you know how ugly it is to graduate that school to see how you got the diploma? this is declining? "

He said in another Twiter message that he wanted to make it public so that "no more would still be silent as I was." And he revealed: "I remain silent for four years of my life, they insisted on me, they laughed on me … But today I'll talk, I'll. make the decision to say my story. I was only 13 years old when they were abused without my consent. "" They are, and I do not have the blame, but the society in which we live, men think themselves better than us, it's just because they may have things that women do not have, but not like, "he said. And he told us how his family's response was when he learned about the abuse: "I was calm and killing me. My family this year found everything that happened to me. They know how to listening to your family crying while you're sleeping, listening to my family saying they want to kill him, listening to their responsibility. "

"They just abused 13, I was very innocent to me," He posted and received hundreds of messages of support and encouragement from other young people who hired his message. "You're not just Flor, I think you or my soror Sororo for you", were some of the phrases that he received his address through social networks.

Maria's company in the city of Mendoza is one of the most well-known and oldest religious schools in the province of Cuyo. He is located in the La Alameda area, in the northwest of the capital of Mendoza and has more than a thousand students in the primary and secondary levels.

The 2014 note of Los Andes newspaper recalled that this school is the eldest of the religious order created by Juana de Lestonnac, in South America. "The Romans arrived in the province in 1780 at the request of the bishop of Chile, as Argentina did not exist as a country and the territory of Mendoza was part of the General Captivity of Chile, its first location in the institutional area – on the street of Córdoba between Salta, José Federico Moreno – but destroyed the building's earthquake 1861. Two years later, he received the gift order at the present site (San Martín and Gutenberg). "Women attended Maria's company of different social classes, and in the past few decades he has added men to her student registration.

Flor's complaint was filed in the courts at the end of October this year and is investigated by the Criminal Prosecutor for Children, Gustavo Farmache.

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