Monday , January 25 2021

A female offender killed an 85-year-old and sexually assaulted another 65-year-old woman

On Sunday morning, a man went in a direction in the town of Eduardo Castex, with the intention of robbing it like. Reaching a woman from 85 years age, the person who died a few hours after the assault, and abuse someone else aged 65 years. Before fleeing, he tried to burn the house of his victims.

The event was held in a house on Calle Belgrano between Leandro N. Alem and Malvinas Argentinas de Eduardo Castex, head of Conhelo department, in La Pampa. According to the first information, the attacker would be a young man aged 30, who has a love in the town and stays in a residential course.

It was noted that the fatal victim was Josefa Morena, 85, who died at about 12 noon on Sunday at Pico Centeno General Hospital due to the blows and breathing of carbon monoxide, the product of the fire that the attacker had begun in his attempt to set fire to the House.

The other woman she was attacked was Ana María Martón, 65, the niece of the deceased who said they had been sexually assaulted by the attacker. The latter was caught after surgery by local forces.

Yesterday Sunday night, Minister of Safety La Pampa Julio González, Head of Police, commissioner Roberto Ayala, and the prosecutor Max Paulucci They gave a conference to the press where they did not want to give details in the local media, but the fact was confirmed.

Amongst the data provided, as expressed La Pampa newspaperCommissioner Ayala said that Morena had been attacked in the house while Martón was out sweeping the path, and she was surprised when she went into the house.

"The truth is that no real data links it to crime or abuse (…) more than ever in this case, we will rely on scientific evidence or if the woman who has been left alive can recognize it or not. , "he said. a source of research for the local newspaper.

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