Saturday , November 28 2020

A collection in the United States for the death of Jessica Starr, "Fox climate girl"

Event in journalism caused The death of Jessica Starr, "the climate girl" of the Fox television channel, He decided to end his life with only 35 years. She was the mother of two boys and was married.

The sad news from Fox 2 Detroit was confirmed to his companion's book.

Starr I had reported abuse by viewers when I was pregnant in 2015. The hosts agreed with the channel that it had received an adverse and undesirable letter for its weight, days after its submission.

"Everyone is here in shock and we can not believe that an individual will not be so brilliant, bright and intelligent with us," the television channel has posted on their social networks.

Jessica said in a female panel how difficult it was to work in the channel and transport pregnancy.

"We're the public eye, and you have to have a thick skin to be in the media, it's only one part, and I agree with that, that you can not like your hair today, we & # 39 I do not like that. I might like the composition, the attraction, that's fine, I do not bother, but I received a letter written by hand saying that I look like I I'll give birth to an elephant. Is it not time for you to start your maternity leave? And I think that's going on the line, & # 39 said Jessica Starr.

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