Sunday , October 2 2022

A buckler fights over his life after suffering a full KO


Stevenson, from the source of Haitian, was hospitalized in intensive therapy on Saturday in a hospital in the city with a brain hemorrhage resulting from a battle with Gvozdyk.

The champion Yvon Michel He confirmed that "the condition of Adonis Stevenson was stable" and expressed his confidence that there will be "some improvement" in the next few hours. "

"His family and us with a team staying in the hospital pray for him," added Michel, who said that Stevenson had been feeling sorry after losing through beat.

In turn, Bernard Barré, an officer of the Canadian assistant-based institution, said Stevenson "had his eyes fixed and did not speak, but complained."

"I was thinking about a concept, which was expected to be light, I went to the circle, but Adonis had to be transported on a piece and then rushed to & Hospital, "said Barré.

"I suffered when they were inviting me by phone when they were in the heart of the night to tell me about the hospital's intensive care report, our concern had reached the limit, we crossed our fingers and prayed to God," he added.

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