Monday , October 3 2022

A 3-year-old girl was diagnosed with breast cancer


The child's mother began to notice strange things in her daughter's body, so she took her to the doctor. This is the first case breast cancer in a girl.

Y breast cancer This is the disease that most women suffer. 80% of cases occur in women over 50. The specialists' recommendation is that annual controls after 30 years are maintained.

Now, there is a cause that caused a strong alarm. A three-year-old girl was diagnosed breast cancer. The girl from the name Yanyana to her hospital was removed by her mother, after she spotted adhesive red spaces on the baby's shirt. As the days are passing, they are increasing. Then a mobile lump was found in his head on the left.

After a variety of analyzes, the experts decided to undertake surgical intervention. They remove the carcinoma, which is a type of slowly growing breast cancer. When performing the biopsy, they learned that the disease had not developed in other parts of the woman's body. Now, the minor recovered favorably and was released.

This is the first case of breast cancer who has put in a girl. So, it has created a great concern in society, further research began to learn more about this, and to act on the issue.

To raise awareness of breast cancer, he held his topless program

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