Tuesday , May 17 2022

93% of Argentinians spend less on products and services due to the economic context


93% of Argentine users made cuts in recent months in the expenses received buying clothes, remodeling home and using services, due to the current economic context, according to an investigation carried out by the consultant Kantar TNS and Kantar Millward Brown.

The consultant, based on the results of the study "Repayment Expenses", in general, "Argentinians are not willing to resign some services they have" like the prospects, the cable and the additional cell phone and in cases where the "inevitable" cut refers to extra-curricular activities, Buying clothes or expenses for home remodeling.

"93% of Argentinians say they have reduced – after leaving or their expenses," said Kantar.

The survey, which also included tourism related questions, took place last September and included a sample of 1,200 cases – men and women aged 18 – residents in different parts of the country.

"The General Index of Economic Expectations (IGEE) that we have expanded in Kantar TNS has been contracting since November last year, and in the past four months it has reached the lowest rates in the last 14 years" , Tomás Veitz, the company's Director of Accounts explained

Vietz explained, when analyzing How Argentina's consumer practices were affected, three groups were identified: expenses incurred, moderate expenses and reduced expenses.

The first is Argentina that are not willing to resign some services that they have as social work, for example, the last thing that has broken, however, 10% has already stopped.

In this category there were also those who want to support the additional cable (49%) or the mobile telephony scheme (50%).

Meanwhile, within the second group, where the need for moderation was predominantly, consumers acknowledged that "they did not give them the best to do some activities, but they did not do it with & # 39 ; r is a frequency or density as in the past, "added Veitz.

Finally, among those who dropped or stopped their expenses, the purchases that were affected by the high value or discount in relation to purchasing power, such as buying tickets to travel abroad, mainly, among other matters.

According to Kantar, "when looking at data for those who moderate / suspend services or activities, it is found that the segment 35 to 49 is the one that did the most, while the one between 18 and 24 tries to keep some purchases and not resign. "

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