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6 essential crucial for WhatsApp

Earlier this year, WhatsApp exceeded the barrier of 1,500 million monthly users worldwide, which exchanges 60,000 million messages per day. This makes it the world's most popular communication platform.

Although it looks like instant messaging application is simple and simple, it has been gradually updated with interesting, more sophisticated and less well-known features. Here are some tips and tricks that you should know:

Tips and tricks for WhatsApp

1. Send messages to a person you do not have in your agenda

So far it was not possible to communicate directly with a person who was not on your contact list, even if that number had tried to talk to you via SMS or call. But now there is a way: for this you need to open a window in the web browser and to the device and enter the bar to the**** **** ***, with the mobile phone number you would like to write at the end.

At the time, the web opens a dialogue box to ask if you want to send a message or open a chat with that phone, and if you receive it, we will take it directly to it .

2. Create copies of conversations

WhatsApp allows you to support your chat conversations and multimedia files through a cloud storage service so you can restore the content in case of change. It can also be configured to make backups automatically, with the frequency you choose.

This function is to be found in Settings> Chat> Backup. The copies are stored in iCloud in iOS and Google Drive in Android, and then they can be restored when replacing the application in a new device.

3. Manage storage space

WhatsApp allows you to see the amount of storage space that is being used in each individual conversation and in each group. Individual control is very useful to make the best use of your smartphone's memory. To check that, go to Settings> Data and storage> Use of storage.

In the case of a lack of space, you can always create a backup of important pictures and videos in services such as Google Photos, iCloud or Amazon Photos.

4. Give the desired format to your messages

Many users believe that WhatsApp does not allow to vary the format of the messages. You can highlight parts of your text in heavy, italic or crossing them. To include bold letters you must add a star (*) at the beginning and end of the text you want to highlight; while for italics a low script is needed.

The symbol (or dic) at the beginning and end of the text causes it to cross it. Another way to make your messages stand out is to use a different font than the default: WhatsApp allows you to use the FixedSys font by adding three serious acne ("`) at the beginning and end of that text.

5. Know if someone has blocked you

In this case, there is no rigid approach to finding, but there are several indirect elements that can be taken as a reference. For example, one brand appears when you send messages (which it does not accept).

If you add to this the signs of not seeing your last connection, which never appears as an online or your description or profile profile can not be seen, they refer to your blocking. The other option is to try adding it to a group; If it does not appear in the contact list, it's a bad sign. In addition, the application prevents voice calls to users who have blocked us.

6. Use WhatsApp on your computer

Since 2015 there is a WhatsApp Web service, which allows you to check your conversations from any browser. Only access to the WhatsApp Web & # 39; Settings & # 39;> & # 39; in Android and scan the QR code available to you on Automatically your conversations will be displayed in the browser.

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