Saturday , November 28 2020

5Y3591: The effects of Boeing 767 of Atlas Air during the Houston approach

The United States Federal Flight Administration (FAA) confirms disappearance Boeing 767-300ERF (Freighter) or Amazon Prime Air, operated by Air Atlas, register N1217A (s / n 25865), during the approach at the Houston-George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The plane was on a 5Y3591 flight from Miami International Airport; According to the first available information, the crew consisted of three people. The radar plane disappeared approximately 12: 40LT (GMT-6) near the city of Anahuac, located 30 miles (48km) to the southeast of the destination airport.

At present, search and rescue teams achieve the mission to locate the remains of the plane in the Anahuac area and in Trinity Bay, spilled by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico; According to the local police, there is confirmation of aircraft deficiency and there were no survivors. According to data by FlightRadar24, at the time of the disappearance, the plane went down from 3,000ft a minute; after that, the reduction was reduced and, finally, at 12: 39LT, suddenly the plane again dropped from 6,100 feet and a lost radar connection. More information soon.

After powered by two General Electric CF6 machines, the 26.5-year-old aircraft is introduced to the first operator of China Southern Airlines in November 1992 with a license plate B -2561. In January 1997, he was incorporated into the LAN Airlines Chile fleet with a CC-CRG registration, where he also flew in his Argentine division with a LV-BTE license plate; finally, having moved from the flight fleet in July 2014.

It was finally embedded to the Atlas Atlas America in January 2016 with a N258CT license plate, flying a passenger charter operating. In November the same year, he moved to Singapore to become a freighter, work completed in April 2017, when he went on to operate with Amazon Prime Air with a N1217A registration.

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