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15 incredible things you did not know about snow

  • One town in New York was so sick of snow that they passed legislation to make it illegal.
  • Snow shapes come at least 35 different shapes depending on different factors such as temperature, and the myth that no two snow rods could be fake.
  • Scientific data is so excellent in predicting snow, they know from years of data that are likely to be snow on Christmas Day.

After last year's storm storms and the most recorded winter winters on cities, the storm season 2018-2019 is very dissatisfied. The sun can be polarized when it means that there is no school for happy children but also dangerous driving conditions for whole towns.

Whether you enjoy the sunny air skyline in Arizona or download your way for the tenth consecutive day in Montana, read below some fun facts about snow.

There are at least 35 different classes of snow horse forms.

From Ken Librett "Guide Field to Snowflakes" there are at least 35 different types.

Some of the more classic shapes are "radiating," "stellar," or "bracket" formats, but other shapes include empty prices, needles and plates. Snow cover appearances are based on a number of factors including temperature; you will find the perfect dendrites at about 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-15 degrees Celsius).

Each horse has six sides.

The hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the ice crystals join each other to form a hexagonal structure every time.

The most snow ever recorded from one storm in North America was 189 inches.

Mount Shasta Skiing in North California received a 189 inches of snow, or 15.75 snow feet, from February 13 to 19 in 1959.

Snow is distributed as minerals.

Mineral is a "naturally occurring homogeneous solid, formed inorganic, with a definite chemical composition and order atomic order" according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Ice, or ice, occurs naturally so snow has categorized as minerals.

"Each snow bank is unique" in myth.

In 1988, Nancy Knight, a scientist at the National Atmospheric Research Center in Boulder, Colorado, found two precise examples of snowflakes from the Wisconsin storm, when using a microscope.

The biggest snowball fight always counted to 7,681 people.

In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on January 31, 2016, he sent 7,681 participants from the Canadian Team for the Yukigassen World Showa Shinzan International Championships, a professional professional soccer fighting competition, with an outdoor balloon fight.

You need nine players for an official snowball team, so let your friends know each other before the 2019 games.

Syracuse, New York, once again was nourished by snow making it illegal.

In a show that suits citizens of snow wear, on March 30, 1992, after winter snow recording, the Syracuse Common Council declared no more snow before December 24 of that year illegally.

I've been hacked two days later. The city has an average of 115 inches per year.

A fairly accurate map decides if you will get snow on Christmas Day.

Based on almost 20 years of climate data, NOAA's National Environmental Information Centers have produced a statistical probability map that your home will get to snow on Christmas Day or not. Florida is pretty lucky.

Heat places like Florida are known to have snow at rare times.

In the early January of 2018, the cycling went to a great snow bomb on the East Coast, bringing to a stop in Jacksonville, Florida.

Snow usually looks white, but it can be seen in many colors.

Snow and ice usually appear white because visible light is white. Frozen water particles are transparent, but the sunlight reflecting gives its white appearance in snow. However, due to environmental factors, it also comes in different colors.

"Watermelon snow" can be seen near glaciers, due to "cold cryophile or cold-loving fresh water algae that include bright red pigment." The Taylor Antarctica Glacier contains Blood Dispersion, deep red snow caused by salt-filled salt water that drops from an ancient reservoir under the glacier. When oxidizing, it creates a bright red waterfall.

Snow snow can also appear blue.According to the National Data Data National Snow, "If you hit a hole in the snow and look into the hole, you may see blue color. In all cases, the light blue is the product of a long-distance travel route through the snow or the ice. "

Only blue light can penetrate deeper deep ditches of snow, causing blue color.

The largest snowfall reported was 15 inches wide, although its existence has not been proven.

In January 1887 at Fort Keogh, in Montana, a juror announced that "more than milk pies" snowflakes fell, and measured one to be 15 inches wide.

Since then, only six-inch wide snow copies have been discovered, according to New York Times.

Winter storms cost billions every year.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration calculates that average winter storms cost $ US3 billion each.

They measure those numbers of the total "physical damage to residential, commercial and government or municipal buildings, material assets within a building, time component losses such as business interventions, vehicles and boats, offshore energy platforms, public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings, agricultural assets such as crops, livestock, and trees, and restoration of disaster and prevention costs. "

The largest snow in the US in 24 hours was 75.8 inches.

Over 6 snow drops fell in Silver Lake, Colorado, from April 14 to 15 in 1921, according to The Weather Channel research.

One of 1977 in snow in Montague, New York, is the nearest one to beat the record.

It can be too hot for the snow, but it can not be too cool to snow.

Heavy snow is more likely to occur when relatively warm air is near the ground – about 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 degrees Celcius), although it can occur at any temperature as long as there is some moisture and a way to lift or cool the sky.

The highest snowfall of the world stood 11 tall stories in Bethel, Maine.

In 1999, he built the people of Bethel, Maine, 113 "7" of a high snowfighter, Angus, King of the Mountain.

Nearly a decade later in 2008, they built a top snowman, 122 "Olympia SnowWoman, and used 13,000,000 lbs of snow.

It did not totally melted until July 30 that year.

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