Saturday , July 2 2022

12 bullets and a mafioso message: they attacked the Rosario Borough Council


"With Mafia not fuck, next to homes". Maffia assault allegedly committed early this morning to Rosario's political power. And poster, on the side of the building Municipal CouncilThat's not just the message; In addition, the local police were discovered 12 bullet holes on the main door of the organization.

Although the researchers and councilors request a warning to determine the origin of the assault against the Palace Vasallo, the first point of signage to narco message, given that there are other attacks recently with that stamp at the Criminal Justice Center and the Courts of the Santa Fe city.

"HUgo 12 shot against the front, a threatening sign, we do not know whether it was a motorcycle or a walk, we'll see where the events come and why, "explained the prosecutor Matías Edery, who is responsible for the case.

As the councilors said at a press conference given on Wednesday afternoon, one of the shots were dug and went through the door and hitting inside.

Some witnesses pointed out that they were fighting at the Consultative Council door between two men, but Edery's prosecutor decided that the fight could have to be done with the shoot.

"When we find 12 holes, we do not believe that this battle has anything to do with it," he explained. He confirmed the message that was written on a poster "already what we saw in a number of "assaults" previous The pods served from the assault in the scene of the crime were collected by the Police Investigating Santa Fe.

From the Prosecutor's Office they said that a "survey of the Council's security chamber and the domain, expertise in planimetry and sketches of the site was requested, taking evidence from potential employees and witnesses to; the event. "

"We intend to let Justice take action because we can not guess, and decide who is responsible. EIt's very serious what happens in Rosario"he said Alejandro Roselló, the president of the Council, at a press conference.

"We coincide with the councilors, we must confirm the commitment and protection of the organizations, we are closer than ever and hope that the Justice will give the information which corresponds to us. we need to know who is behind this fact", mayor Rosario, Monica Fein.

"We feel fragile but we trust the inquiry into Justice. Restriction restricted a This is one of the most serious situations we have in our history", extends the legislature Roselló.

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