Thursday , May 19 2022

Wimbledon banned for Anderson does not play Federer's thinking


London – Roger Federer who won Wimbledon quarter rounds this year with a 4-0 lead leader against Kevin Anderson, has never lost a set against South African.

Wimbledon's eight-time winner won the first two sets and won a match in the third set, before Anderson fought back and eventually won 13-11 in the fifth set.

Federer will have the opportunity to be climbed on Thursday at the ATP final, as he pushes to reach the final season finals for the 15th time.

But the 37-year-old said that the Wimbledon game will not be the first thing in his mind when he goes to court against Anderson.

"I do not think I'll go to the game too much of it. I think I have enough things to focus on my side, from my own game, to get my I'm playing a good game against it here in the next game, "said Federer.

"I'm really happy to have the chance to play again, to be honest. I've played it well in the past. I hope I can reproduce something like this."

Perhaps Anderson has never played tennis better.

South Africa 2-0 in the Lleyton Hewitt Group is the first to start in the Final Performance of the ATP, so Federer knows that he must best bring his / her chance.

"I can win and still do not, so that position does not force me. That's fine. If I do not pass, I do not transfer, and I deserve not to pass. (What's) important to me is to play a fine last game here in the final, try to beat Kevin, "says Federer.

"It's been a great play, it's got a great season. Well played against me as well as Wimbledon … I can not talk about what's coming next because it's a hard game in it and herself. "

In his first two games in The O2, Anderson lost only 10 combined games, leaving only one game against Kei Nishikori on Tuesday.

So the fourth seed will take enough confidence in his game against Federer.

"I'm looking forward to playing Roger," Anderson said. "It's always a great challenge taking it to court. It's a great opportunity, against arguing that it's the best player at all times. I feel I've played two very good games , so dearly excited to come back and play. "

Also operating will Dominic Thiem and Nishikori Austria. Thiem lost his first two games in a round-robin play and will have to defeat the Japanese star in straight sets to take any chance of moving on to the final.

"First of all, I have to get my nennis back. I'll try that. If I do not get it back, I do not need to watch the other results because I will also lose my third game . I have to get my nennis back, "said Thiem. "I really want to play a good game. It does not matter if the last one is here or not."

Nishikori has won three of the four head-to-the-pitch meetings, including a winner a few weeks ago in the Thiem home tournament, Open Agored.

There, Nishikori took only 68 minutes to eliminate Thiem 6-3, 6-1.

"There is a different face. This one is much faster," said Nishikori. "It's obviously a good player, it's really good this year, so I'll be sure it'll be a difficult one. I have to play, you have to for me to raise my level certainly. "

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