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Will Lady Gaga's pop status will spoil its chances of Oscar Best Actors?


Lady Gaga attends A Star Is Born's photos during the 75th Venice Film Festival

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Lady Gaga attends A Star Is Born's photos during the 75th Venice Film Festival

VIEWS: It was a great year for Lady Gaga. She has made the seamless transition from a pop star to a serious actress.

Its main performance in re-making Star is born, who co-plays with Bradley Cooper, has become critics and many predict that he is a real collision for the Best Oscar Actors in February.

But history has shown that pop and rock stars that give performances on the big screen are often overlooked by an Oscar time.

Their musical success is seen as scarcity and gives Oscar worthy performance, especially on their first time, influenza. Academic Arts and Science Sciences members (the group that distributes the golden statues) are considered conservative.

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Oscar nominations will be announced in January.


Oscar nominations will be announced in January.

Could they really bring them to the best Actressress award for someone called Lady Gaga? The best winners of the Actors have names like Jessica, Helen and of course, Meryl!

In 1973, Diana Ross, the main singer The Supremes, was one of the most successful women's groups in history, the jazz legend Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Blues. She was the favorite to win the Oscar that year after his nomination.

Ross interfered deeply to seico his character, portraying moments in the life of Holidays when he was rape, and the time he saw lynching in the South. It was a dream role that won an Oscar winner as a whole. But on Oscar night, Diana Ross did not make a supreme reign. He lost to Liza Minnelli as Sally Bowles Cabaret.

Fans are still surprised that Ross loses and many blogs call him one of the most notable films in Oscar's history. Hollywood folklorist Shelley Winters said Ross would wear on the night she lost and tell her she would have another chance in the Oscar glory. Ross replied, "Not a black girl."

Did the Academy feel that it was enough for a pop star like Diana Ross to be nominated to be nominated?

Ross can at least claim to be an Oscar nominee. In 1997, Madonna and Courtney Love were drawn for Oscar's Best Actors nominations after they scored Golden Globe's goals for Avoid (Madonna) a The People vs. Larry Flynt (Love). Both gave mobile performances and praises by critics.

Will Gaga do to the Oscars?

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Will Gaga do to the Oscars?

Madonna even won Golden Globe that year. But the time of Oscar came, both musicians were not on the nomination list. But then, what corresponding context would we live in if Madonna's best faster competition was for Oscar Best Actors at Courtney Love?

There are exceptions to the rule. Cher the Oscar Best Actors won i Slope in 1988. He was very deserving. Despite Cher's colorful pop career, she had already proved herself as a dramatic actress in films such as Silkwood a Mask.

So, can Lady Gaga go through the road by accepting a nomination and then crossing the finish line earning the Oscar in fact? She has already won Golden Globe for her leading role in American Arsenal Story. But that was for television and it's known that the Globes are more relaxing than the Oscars.

By winning the Academy Award, Lady Gaga would be giving a recording to artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna hopes that one of the Best Actors Oscar could stand one side with her multiple Grammy awards.

Before entering the movie world, Lady Gaga had already proved that she was a star. It now aims to prove the Academy that Actress will be Born.

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