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What does it like to use Blanced Gravity, R3,500 weight blanket that has designed to reduce stress and help you sleep

  • Blanced Gravity is a weighted blanket that has intended to help you feel less stress and sleep more.
  • The blanket started as a Kickstarter campaign, which rose more than R65 million. Now, Gravity says that the blanket has put more than R208 million in sales.
  • I tried the blanket – along with a Gravity sleeper mask – for a few weeks and I got some of my best life.
  • The Gravity Blanket helped my mind to give up racing and give me sleep almost immediately.

When I got a first Dependency Blanket to prove, I had great plans for turning it into a scientific experiment.

We will wear Apple Watch, I'm rationalized, to prove how the heart rate responds to a weighted blanket. I intended to take notes about my mood and stress levels to measure if the blanket would really relax my central nervous plan and calm down.

The problem is, I'll sleep and sleep.

For anyone who has not heard of the Weighted Blanket or weighted blanket in general, think about it as Thundershirt for people. The concept behind weighted blankets is that lying under constant pressure and equal distribution will create the effect of relaxation and relaxation. Studies have shown that weighting legs or blankets can also help those with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, high anxiety or insomnia.

But at the most basic level, weighted blankets mainly feel like heavily lightweight.

The Gravity version of the weighted blanket began as a Kickstarter project in 2017. The severity of more than $ 4.7 million (R65 million) rose from almost 24,000 fans to create a flat blanket, a single person who weighed about 7kg.

Now, Gravity says it has sold more than 60,000 weighted blankets, giving up to $ 15 million worth. Gravity has now expanded its product line to include weighted sleeping mask, cooling blanket for "sleeping" and more.

I had the opportunity to experience the original $ 250 Blanket Imitation and the weighted mask of $ 30 for a few weeks. I offered them up to friends, coworkers, and anyone who was willing to sit with a 20-pound blanket on their heads. For some people, the experience felt strange and uncomfortable. He described others as "similar awards".

Fi? I got some of my best life goals.

Size is important

The first and most important thing you need to know about the Dependency Blanket is that it is in different pressures. The right blanket for you depends on your size, as it should be equivalent to about 10% of your body weight.

If I did not realize that, I was with the 20-bunn blanket (9kg) and after a couple of weeks of testing it was a bit too heavy for me. For most adults, 20 packets do not seem like this, but it can be overwhelming when you lie under it (or trying to skate it at home on the subway).

The other thing to know about the blanket is that comfort or duvet is not full, and it is not really split. It will not replace your bed clothes – unless you sleep in a double bed – and it will not cover you and your partner at the same time.

Plus, at $ 250, it's one all right blanced pris.

He felt like I was in the womb;

All of a whole, I was curious to see what seemed simple – although a heavy blanket would have the same effect usually with a pharmacy or meditation. Could it really reduce stress and anxiety? Could it help me to sleep?

I decided to offer the Dependence Blanket to friends, my girlfriend, and car workers. Let's say that reactions … mixed.

"He's feeling that an animal lies on you," said one person.

"I feel relaxed!" another told me. "But maybe it's just a placebo effect?"

A friend came to my house to try and told me that the Gravity Blanket had made him feel like he was "in the womb".

"I … for … so … content," he said sorry to me.

But for me, Dependency Blanket was tested like taking a sleep pill.

I'm not someone who usually gets a hard time falling or sleeping – in fact, sleep is one of my favorite recreation. But I'm not a lot of napper, and I have a hard time taking "power naps" or falling asleep when it's still light.

The Dependency Blanket changed all.

Every time I was going to experience the blanket, I hope to track how my heart rate has changed or at least documented how I felt, I passed out. One night, I'll lie with the blanket early with the night and it ended up sleeping at night and night. Another night I used the blanket and sleep mask while a migraine was in turn, hoping it could alleviate some of my symptoms – I slept for three hours and woke up with a much smaller headache.

Here's a test, loved by my girlfriend:

I have not been able to try the blanket yet without passing in seconds, but I've probably been taking advantage of plain benefits to even weighted, even when I slept. My mind is usually races when I lie in bed, and I tend to emphasize everything I'm going to spend the following day, to travel. I have planned months from now on. The Gravity Blanket seemed to calm my mind enough that I fell asleep at once, repeatedly.

So, although my tests have not been scientifically, I can definitely say that the Gravity Blanket helps me feel calm, relaxing – and fine, very sleepy.

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