Friday , March 5 2021

Watch the NASA InSight land spacecraft on Mars

The NASA InSight spacecraft has managed to land on Mars and will soon start working on the planet's investigation.

InSight stands for Internal Audit using Seismic Investigations, and has instruments to study inside the planet.

The heater will also explore seismic activity such as marsquakes, the effects of meteorites and dust storms, and will track the North Mars Pole awards using a pair of antennae.

InSight was launched initially in May 2018 and was successfully touched on the surface of Mars last night.

Once the cover solar panels have been correctly used, it will start to use its instruments and collect data that may be essential for future Mars trips.

Recent developments in technology have accelerated the timeline for Mars's hometown, according to Elon Musk.

Speaking in a recent interview with HBO, Musk said that there is now a chance of 70% that he will be able to move to Mars.

Watch NASA's mission management successfully in the InSight spacecraft below.

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