Wednesday , July 6 2022

WATCH: SA Mayfair Indian Gangster legend opens to rave reviews


Durban – The Gangster Story Maifair, the fourth film by the award winning director Sara Blecher (Ayanda, The Dis Ek Anna, The Burn Otelo) to rave reviews this weekend after several screens that have been sold out in London.

Maifair tells the story of the wonderful son of Zaid Randera (Ronak Patani) who returns home to Mayfair in Johannesburg, where his father Aziz (Rajesh Gopie), an exporter who imports and casual exporters launches shark money and loan – face threats to deaths. Zaid has been unfairly dismissed from a job as a support worker, and after his return, he finds himself living in the shadow of his father and suspects . When a killer's rival gang threatens the family business, Zaid is forced back to the life he hoped to leave.

He continues on from the success of Indian stories set in South Africa, including Material, The Keep up with Kandasamys a Bro Commitments.

Gopie, a well-known actor, comedian, author and voice of South Africa who has appeared in the television series like Genealogies a No tolerance, and is best known for his role in the highest gross movie South Africa 2017, Keep up with Kandasamys.

Jack Devnarain is a wonderful business player and long-standing competitor of the Jaraal Randera family, who has performed in a number of television and film productions, including the heist lecturer 31 million reasons. Devnarain describes his character as "master of puppets dealing with money, power and blood".

Critics have praised her praise.

Rozanne Els Channel24 wrote: "The elements of this story are very compelling, and Sara Blecher chooses each of them closer to becoming a tight and tough conclusion in the end." The movie called a much more rich combination of themes or what any genre distribution … can cover it completely. "Patani, British actor who plays Zaid praised". With real commitment, [he takes] The perception of the character of himself as a compassionate and purposeful man who is not like a father to one of defects, and resigned to his inevitable inevitable. "

From India Spice India, "Blecher provides an exciting and safe movie that is sure to keep you on tunes".

Screen Anarchy, film review site, film praised the film, stating that the drama drama was part of "current talents of high-end South Africa films", and Maifair looks at Muslim-Indian communities from Johannesburg through "a history of the conflicts of conflicts and increasing violence".

BBC News visited the busy suburb of Mayfair for a documentary. In a video interview with Blecher, he said that the film shows that part of Johannesburg is rarely seen on the screen, and lightens light on a community that often gets line with popular popularstream culture often .

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