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WATCH: Mozambique spit cobra lifts his head from the North West toilet


One mother Pretoria had a lot more than she had bargained during a recent trip to North West Wales, when Mozambique's spitting cobbing had unexpectedly raised his head from a girl's toilet.

The event took place at approximately 20.30 on Tuesday 19 March.

"It was very scary, something that only ever happened in movies," Juliette Roos told News24.

Roos her husband Johan and two children were not camping far from Nyati Sports School, where her son took part in a rugby tournament.

The school is about 40 km outside Frits.

Roos says her 5-year-old daughter has just finished using the toilet when she first saw the snake.

"His head was protruding out of the bowl."

There was also a friend of her daughter in the cubicle. She didn't want to scare or traumatize little girls and ask them to turn around and call her husband.

"I cooled ice," said Roos, who was able to keep her daughter quiet.

"Definitely, I didn't expect to find a snake in the toilet," said Johan News24. He said he thought there would be a spider in the bathroom.

"When my wife told me there was a snake that I didn't believe at first."

The snake then reared his head again and sent down deviations from his spine.

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Johan said that he had phoned a friend who was knowledgeable about snakes and the friend confirmed that it was a cobra.

Johan tried to move him from the toilet bowl but gave up after realizing he didn't have the right equipment for the job.

"We decided to leave the snake in peace."

No one was injured during the incident.

"I think my daughter is very lucky to have escaped unscathed," said Johan.

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Snake expert Byron Zimmerman from Durban told News24 that the toilet snake was a Mozambique spit cobra.

"How has it got there is anyone guessing but I'm suspected by the top. It's unlikely it came through the pipe," he said.

He added that Mozambique spit cobras ate frogs like "it makes sense that it is close to the diving".

These snakes are very toxic. Their poison is cytotoxic, causing massive swelling and loss of tissue, said Zimmerman.

"This is probably the most common toxic species through the eastern side of South Africa."

It's better to leave these snakes alone, he added.

"They spit their poison too, so it is advisable to protect eyes if you are dealing with them."

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Roos estimates that the snake must be at least 2 meters long.

"But it's hard to say we didn't even have seen his tail," he said.

The couple told News24 that they locked the door to the cubicle in question and warned managers at the resort to the slippery intruder.

"We used a different cubicle after that," Roos added adding that, in the future, when camping, he will definitely look twice before sitting down to use the toilet.

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