Friday , August 12 2022

Vox YouTubers who had made fun of their PC build video


After a video published in September 2018 by The Verge of the name "How to build a personalized computer for gambling, editing or coding" become viral for the wrong reasons, youTubers have triggered the invitation video for applications and copyright stories.

However, the editor of The Verge, TC Sottek, said that was not The Verge who announced the strikes.

"The editorial structure of the Verge was about zero percent in the decision to issue a strike," said Sottek ArsTechnica.

"Vox Media's legal team independently made us know after it."

According to the editor of The Verge, Nilay Pilay, when he learned about the decision from Vox Media, successfully asked for the strike to be abolished – although it justified that solicitors were justified when publishing; r strikes on a legal basis.

The PC built-in video was criticized for technical errors, such as when Stefan Etienne set up his power supply back, putting too much thermal on its CPU, and did not install its anti-static bracelet to anything.

Case law in the area of ​​reaction videos is faulty, with most copyright infringement complaints instead of a solution platform instead.

The original video was re-posted by The Verge online after it was stolen down by the announcement, and it is below.

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