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[TV Review] The Dark Lord gives Part 2 of “Cooling the Sabrina Adventures” Darker's Focus and Confidence

Part 1 of Netflix's Sabrina Cooling Adventures dropping spectators to the deep end of a very complex world of witches, firearms, and unassuming deaths. Sabrina Spellman Half witch (Kiernan Shipka) struggle to navigate both worlds; her love to her friends and her love Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch(b) kept on the moral path of justice which came into conflict directly with his selection of a journey into the dark world of worship Satan. It was further complicated by various demons, witches with crews, and the general distress brought with puberty.

By the end of Part 1, Sabrina made the ultimate sacrifice to save those she loved by agreeing to finalize the Book of the Monster, promising herself to be recalled back to The Dark Lord wants to exchange power. That decision meant that Sabrina had finally chosen a side (instead she was chosen for her), bringing a more confident focus and sense of identity to the series that wasn't there; before.

Fearing how her promise to the Dark Lord might affect her friends, Sabrina leaves her high secondary school behind her and devotes herself to her studies at Unseen Academy of Arts. That doesn't mean that his friends have forgotten them – Roz, Susie, and Harvey have their own stories as they try to find out who they are in Sabrina's absence. That Mary Wardwell, who was revealed to be Madam Satan at the end of Part 1, remains the headmaster of the school providing the necessary link between worlds.

Still, the deadly world events are kept as low as possible because Sabrina falls further into darkness and temptation. Through his lack of experience, we come to learn more about witches world ways, but this time we feel much more organic. There is also an energetic new relationship to explore between Sabrina and Nick Scratch's popular warehouse (Gavin Leatherwood), which brings its own unique challenges. For those who are worried that this presents the tiresome love triangle story, don't be afraid; Harvey and Sabrina are both trying to move forward from each other. And Harvey still retains a lot of unresolved anger. So, for at least the first five episodes screened before Part 2 release, the cliché love triangle doesn't exist at all. At least now how you think.

The true triangle of the series is one suggested in Part 1, although Sabrina himself remains unconscious, between Madam Satan, Sabrina, and the Lord Dark. Sabrina's promise to him means he's in the show much more than before, adding new layers to key characters, and driving a general mystery why Sabrina is so important to him. This is a through line of Part 2, and the writers use this effectively as a focal point for character spin in a much more certain way. Part 2 feels like one continuous story now, rather than a series built around chapters of a monster type of the week. The disadvantage is the more the Lord Dark speaks, the less dangerous he feels.

Everything you like about Part 1 is still there. The homages and visual references to horror remain common. Look for horror vets Veronica Cartwright (Alien, Body Invasion Body Archersa) Ray Wise (Reactor, Twin Peaks, Swamp Thing) in guest appearances, both of which are beautiful in the weird. The monsters, Goetic demons, and witches take all the familiar holidays there too. And the strange focus hardening tricks were highlighted in Part 1? They have been graded back.

With the presentations to the characters and the world out of the way, Part 2 can stretch his storytelling legs now. It is not just the general war for Sabrina's soul, but every character has his own journey which has something worthwhile to contribute. Sabrina Cooling Adventures it is better when it focuses on a story and character over wrecks to the unforgettable world of witches; The overflow and flow are close to perfection until chapter four will make progress for crazy diversions that explore fears of the main characters. The first five episodes in Part 2 reveal a much more confident series that go comfortably in his dark skin, Satanic. The story lines have become more focused and simplified as it focuses on its central themes. For everything he does well, unfortunately the series is still neglecting poor Salem. For those who are hoping more about our favorite witches, well, you're still out of luck. Although chapter 5 ends on a note that changes Sabrina's course dramatically again, it's clear t Sabrina Cooling Adventures get on and it will be exciting to see how her story continues to develop.

Part 2 of Sabrina Cooling Adventures reaches Netflix on April 5.

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