Thursday , February 25 2021

Tom Moyane would re-join Sars in a disaster;

Although Moyane's Constitutional Court attempted to stop the disciplinary case against him or failed the Nugent commission, because it had not established grounds for direct access or exclusive jurisdiction, the critics said he still had "other routes available".

Evidence before the Nugent commission showed during the past eight months how Moyane, along with Bain consultants,
has implemented the far reaching restructuring of the Sars operating model.

This led to dozens of experienced workers being purchased or aligned, and eroding the tax agency's capacity by eliminating key units.

"The process of repairing Sars can not start very well until a permanent successor has been appointed as the new commissioner. So far, Sars will be cleaning at the expense
of society in general, "said Nugent in the affidavas. It is" essential "that a new commissioner is appointed immediately to allow the organization to implement a" long-term strategy ".

Moyane had suspended the modernization strategy for a decade of Sars, leading to neglecting the tax agency's IT systems, said Nugent, and said that only a new commissioner would be able to give the Treasury an appropriate incentive for money to reverse this . neglect

Nugent said that the evidence showed, without interruption, that the e-file system would "compromise" within two years.

There was further evidence, he said, received by the commission after publishing its interim report, which stated "serious misconduct" that "did not go beyond it is absurd."

He did not reveal the new allegations as Moyane had yet responded to them.

The debate on the matter will be heard in the high court in Pretoria on December 4 and 5, after the parties agree to move the date from November 27.

Nugent, who was due to present his final report to Ramaphosa on Friday, affirmed that he would apply for an extension.

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