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The security company apologizes for racial advice – The Citizen


Beagle Watch Armed Response has apologized for racist advice recently distributed to its customers in an effort to teach about how to identify the suspect to security officers.

Entrepreneur and marketing manager Bianca Miles Sibiya, who is also the sponsor of Watch Beagle security services, has shared the consultation on Facebook once it was received through a community watch Whatsapp group.

I'm going to leave this here so you can all see – Beagle Watch Armed Response security company using racial profiles to stimulate all types of bull ****

Posted by Bianca Miles Sibiya on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The consultation clearly shows a picture to identify a black man and various aspects of his appearance are highlighted as a means of knowing what security security officers are looking for if one reports on someone who is suspect in crime.

When asked if the image is Watch Watch Beag (as there were no signs on the company's official social media pages), the company's customer relations manager, Anne Wood, confirmed to Citizen by email that the image truly.

"The purpose of the picture was simple to help the public understand features that assist police at the hearing and a successful prosecution of criminal cases," Wood explained.

He went on to add that the "Beagle Watch" could be racist "because of the clients they provide.

"We can not be racist when our clients are as diverse as possible and represent South Africa of every race. In addition, our culture and corporate values ​​demand that our priority should always protect our clients worse whatever their race, religion or gender, "Wood wrote.

He then promised that he would never happen again.

"We regret that this picture has offended some South African because it was never intended. We offer our certainty that we will avoid potential future consequences."

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