Sunday , August 14 2022

Teacher has to stop back after graduation 1 grade pupil in the overnight storage room


The Mpumalanga education department has suspended a teacher on Friday because it is alleged that he will lock and forget about grade 1 pupil in a storage room.

"The 30-year-old female teacher at Blackhill Primary School, Emalahleni, has closed a grade 1 learner in a strong school room and forgotten," said a spokesman for the Jasper Zwane department.

"The learner left that strong room the whole night."

Parents and the boy began to worry after he was home at the usual time on Wednesday and was searching for fear before reporting that their child was missing to the police.

"The following morning parents were told that the teacher had forgotten the learner in the strong room," said Zwane.

"The department is investigating the event and offers counseling to the learner and family."

"The department condemns this and will do everything possible to ensure justice is served."

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