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Surfing news Maurizio Sarri: How has the Chelsea manager become unlikely as Rafa Benitez


The Blues supporters never went to the former head of Liverpool but their happiness was nothing compared to the Maurizio Sarri rebellion now permanent

The manager of Chelsea has not been as unlike Maurizio Sarri since Rafael Benitez.

Blues supporters have grown badly from Italy's tactical methods, and they're feeling responsible for getting rid of the Blues of FA Cup, and falling quickly down the board of the Premier League.

The recent 4-0 and 6-0 losses to Bournemouth and Manchester City, respectively, were historically bad consequences, but Chelsea's overall form across the winter has been wretched.

Many managers have lost in favor of Chelsea under the ownership of Roman Abramovich.

However, Benitez was welcomed by the fans that they had not forgotten the bee remarks that the Spanish had aimed towards west London during his time responsible for Liverpool.

On the other hand, everyone wanted Sarri to succeed when Chelsea arrived during the summer.

The Blues supporters were cheated by the possibility of a rare, varied, rare, commercially seen football in Stamford Bridge, with the club's previous successes being fulfilled under pragmatists such as Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte.

Even so, less than eight months after that, and that dream has died.

Songs of "F * ck Sarriball" came from Matthew Harding End in the final loss of the 16th FA Cup for Manchester United. It was a notable moment, the first time Chelsea fans turned so much on their club's manager over his tactics.

That is not Chelsea do not wants to see good football, but, as Sarri said, he is "a dreamer" and the most passionate supporters of the club now believe that the Italian sleeping walks towards the cliff edge.

Maurizio Sarri Chelsea 2019

Sarri chooses to live or die in Chelsea through her tactical approach, joining the 4-3-3 in each game, using a core group of just 14 players.

However, he has been criticized for his use of the Koro Goal defensive midfielder in a more assaulted role, Jorginho's physical deficit in the engine room and refusing to invest more faith in the famous club competition.

Chelsea's born comedian, Omid Djalili, is best known for making people laugh, but has been bothered by the current situation at Stamford Bridge.

"I hate saying that because I wanted to believe in Sarriball," he admits. "Now I feel Chelsea is my best friend to have my teenage karaoke. Manchester United is not good, but they found it easy against us."

Djalili, who still controls the Blues at home and away despite his scary timetable, says the loss of unsuccessful Sarri support in Chelsea, the type of fake fan that is # 39; n reminiscent of Middlesbrough's supporter who hit a season ticket in 2006 and threw it into manager Steve McClaren.

"So many fans were walking out during the Unified game," it's disclosed. "It was quite significant. I had never seen that before. I even wanted to get away quickly because I had a meat, but I can not reach my motorcycle because so many fans leave.

"As soon as [Davide] Zappacosta came to Cesar Azpilicueta, with Hudson-Odoi and Olivier Giroud on the bench, I saw the stadium empty. I thought that it was for Sarri; people were screaming.

"Many of us still believe before that game, but we have reached a point of no return, unfortunately. We have lost faith.

"I believe we should change. Before the League Cup final [against Manchester City on Sunday]. I'm surprised that it's not gone. "

Eden Hazard Chelsea Manchester United

Alex Goldberg also finds it hard to make a case for keeping Sarri's services.

As a producer and co-holder of the Calcioland Podcast, he is more familiar than most with Tuscan achievements in the old Napoli club.

As a result, Goldberg, a hard-standing hard-lived Chelsea among the growing growing fanbase in the United States, believes that Sarri is trying to revolve completely the ball- The club's football has been stopped by the Blues' general instability.

However, he even has to decide by a 60-year-old decision.

"I wonder if things will improve under Sarri," said Goldberg. "It's great when it works, but its replacement is scratched, team extracts are impractical, and its tactical changes do not exist. I do not see it getting better.

"I think it's a dangerous movement to erase too, but Chelsea is between rocks and hard space, both of which are erased and its deletion does not appear as bad options.

"There's no obvious place to help compete until the end of the season with the Champions League football still fighting."

Dave Johnstone has been left just like Sarby is stubborn.

Founder of the cfcuk fanzine – an announcement established in 1999 to protest the ownership of Ken Bates Chelsea before the Romans Abramovich took over and rescued the club – had enough hard time in the Bridge, including four rest.

As a result, it is felt that the severity of the current situation has been overcrowded.

Cesar Azpilicueta Manchester City Chelsea Premier League 02/10/19

However, he admits freely that Sarri is one of the most entertaining managers in Chelsea's history.

"Sometimes in Stamford Pont the 40,000 people in the stalls are probably better players than those on the field and sometimes they seem to be better managers than the man in the dugout, " says Johnstone. " It's the same thing for the 100 million online.

"But I do not think it's easy to run, play over or control Chelsea. Abramovich has been there for 15 years. If you're a 25-year-old fan, then you will not. do not see trouble but there is a tough football.

"However, supporters deserve to hear their voices, but especially those who have been following the club through thick and thin years and many people have seen even more Chelsea than I say this is one of the most strange managers we've ever had.

"It's so inflexible. I do not think everyone in the club is in conjunction with it. It's a bad figure.

"I think it will be hard for him to change my opinion. Many people have told me, We'll be happy if we were going to Wembley on Sunday [against Man City] and we do not lose more than 3-0. & # 39; "

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It is clear that many Chelsea fans have given the best to Sarriball & # 39 ;. Johnstone does not, however, certainly give Chelsea the best.

"If you support the club, you support them through thick and thin," he added.

"Up the Blues! I will always love you."

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