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#StateCaptureInquiry: & # 39; Guptas like python had wrapped around Zuma & # 39;


Former mineral resources are Ngoako Ramatlhodi minister. Photo: Dimpho Maja / African News Agency (ANA)
Johannesburg – Former minister of Ngoako Ramatlhodi mineral resources on Wednesday gave explosive evidence when commissioning an investigation into holding the state, similar to the relative of the presidency of Jacob Zuma with the Guptas to an auction from his executive authority.

Ramatlhodi told the commissioner led by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that Zuma would give executive powers to third parties.

"That is the biggest sin that he has done," he said.

Ramatlhodi said that the ANC national executive committee (NEC) asked Zuma to be a source of what was done with the controversial family.

"These people are my friends, they helped my children when I was a non-grateful person by giving them work," said Ramatlhodi Zuma telling members of the NEC.

Ramatlhodi, who was the author of the author and private secretary to the ANC president for longer OR Tambo, was a member of the party's NEC since 1991.

He said that some of the things that Zuma was unreasonable to be close to the Guptas and his damage to him and that the ANC was not discussed once in the ANC but several work.

"We did not know about the holding they had received. The Guptas had python wrapped around Zuma," said former head of Limpopo.

According to Ramatlhodi, Zuma failed to go to the country and had to leave before he made more harm.

He said earlier this year when the ANC decided to enforce Zuma that he was ready to pull "power" using his majority in Parliament if he refused to step down.

Ramatlhodi said Zuma's first season was right but during his second "something incident" as head of state and president of the ANC.

He said that the ponds had started after re-election of Zuma at the ANC national conference in December 2012.

Zuma, according to Ramatlhodi, had a very strong cohort in the NEC and some of them were beneficiaries of holding the state.

"He had too much power in the NEC. That era was a season of madness in the organization.

"There was a balance of power in his party," he said, adding that the NEC under Zuma had to panels.

Ramatlhodi said that the ANC under President Cyril Ramaphosa was refurbished in an attempt to cut back the cohorts.

"It's not easy to be easy. A cohort grows like a tree, it has roots," he warned. Ramatlhodi was eradicated as minister of mineral resources in September 2015 following his suspect of Guptas and his associates and "promoted" to the public service and administration portfolio as described by Zuma.

He rejected applications to meet Ajay Gupta when demanding the son of former president Duduzane Zuma.

Duduzane told his father that Ramatlhodi was bad for him and business partners, claiming they were involved in criminal activity.

Ramatlhodi said he had met Duduzane about six months after being appointed minister of mineral resources in May 2014 and told me he would also tell Zuma for his response.

He contacted Maulodi Muofhe's special adviser and he refused both meetings with the Guptas.

At the time, there was an application to Director General Dr. Tibedi Ramontja from The New Age for the department to increase the number of copies bought and yet Ramatlhodi refused.

Shortly after Ramatlhodi was "promoted" to a minister of service and public administration, the Guptas bought Glencore mining colliery at Mpumalanga which provided coal to Eskom's power station in Hendrina.

Muofhe, who is currently the chief executive officer of the Special Investigations Unit, has certified that Zuma was eager to appoint the head of the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) to replace Mxisi Nxasana. He said he was surprised that Zuma wanted to appoint him as the head of the NPA but he felt honorable.

Muofhe said he felt that Nxasana was doing a great job but Zuma wanted her fire to sue her deputy Nomgcobo Jiba.

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