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Star cricket Ex-SA is accused of being a thief and a trader from a business partner

SA Justin Kemp's former cricket star has been accused by its angling business partner from being thriving and thief.
Cape Town – A retired South African cricketer, Justin Kemp, has been accused of being a thief, fraud and criticism from his former business partner in a unique fishing charter and business business.

The allegations are included in affidavits in an emergency suspension of a trade application from Big Tacking Fish Tackle (Pty) Ltd and marine biologist Hout Bay and David Christie's businessman heard in Western Cape High Court this week.

Demanding Christie's latest "based" application in his controversial response arguments, Kemp denied all the allegations inaccurate and without merit. "They do not amount to nothing more than misleading, horrible and defamatory statements"

Christie and Big Catch try interimict interim to stop Kemp, his former counterpart of Big Catch, Richard Wale, and their new venture, co-directors, Upstream Fly Pishing CC, from " use illegally to Big Catch's business opportunities, competing with Big Catch and undermining Big Catch's goodwill by interfere with its customer base. "

According to Kemp's response papers, all allegations of fish business are just cricket.

Over two days of debate, the court heard during Kemp's holding as a co-director of Big Catch, "made unpublished confidential unpublished profit, illegally using Big Catch business users and competing with Big Catch by doing business with & # 39 ; for customers and service providers ".

It was also alleged that after the Kemp director ended in March last year, "he continued to be illegal inappropriately and take advantage of Big Catch business and business customers".

This week's request is the latest in the fight against an ugly legal battle since March 2018 when Christie Kemp accused of running his "sheltered" business on the side line and agreeing on commissions of fishing charters that they believed to be Held to promote Big Catch brand. Christie also claimed that Kemp had tackled fishing at a cost of Big Catch stock and selling her friends for personal profits.

In one of the number of couples presented to this court this week, Christie sets out how she turned on notes in Kemp handwriting on the boardroom board in mid-March last year which showed that it was something of fish.

Christie asserts that Forensic trawl through Kemp's emails on the company's server reveals that he holds sheltered business and shadow siphoning commissions due to Big Catch. His attempt to tackle Kemp on March 15 last year was achieved with "unfortunate revocations" and "arrogance and warigerence".

This led to the attempt to give Kemp the best of a director and his resignation.

"He was punished with a criminal prosecution if he did not resign and face unexpected wild accusations by Christie and his father," explained Peter Wheelan, Kemp's attorney when he arrived in May last year.

"He was suddenly taken. He was thinking about his wife and children, his reputation that is relatively large in the market. And he said, I do not need this in my life & # 39 ;, so he resigned. "

Following his resignation, Kemp returned with a High Court application to abolish Big Catch to recover his initial capital investment of R2.2 million in the company. The application was withdrawn in August.

Before that, Christie claims that only two days after his resignation, Kemp with his wife, Brigid and their two children returned to the previous office over the weekend, forced them after security and try to delete information on his computer. Christie claims that Kemp was not currently aware that he had made all his support of his data.

The dispute charters were mainly for the Seychelles Atoll Alphonse Island Island, one of the most unique and unique unique saltwater aviation fishing destinations in the world. On average, a charter, including accommodation in a boutique hotel and luxurious ride, costs an angler R150 000 per week. Owners of the Alphonse concession paid to charter guests like Big Catch about $ 1,000 the fisherman.

According to an earlier affidavit, Kemp made up to six charters per year for Alphonse and allegedly siphoned at least R1.9m in commissions.

Because Christie's interdict application relies on the unprovoked allegations he should be dismissed with costs, Kemp argued. The application had also failed to meet legal requirements urgently.

In addition, Christie and his fellow candidates "fail to establish, in fact and in law, the duties and obligations that they claim to bind on".

They also "fail to prove the alleged breach of the duties and presumed obligations, and the mandatory requirements for interdisciplinary relief have not been met. "

The hearing of the application was adjourned for a ruling.

Kemp made his Proteas Test and the ODI debut in January 2001 and retired from the international scene in 2007 after winning four Test caps and 85 ODI caps. Kemp played for the Province of the East, Northerns and the Western Province, while in the county cricket of England, it represented Worcestershire and later the ODI Kent side of the Spitfires between 2005 and 2009. It also played one term of IPL cricket to; r Chennai Super Kings.

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