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South Africa's biggest pay survey – this is what people earn

Careers has published its comprehensive pay review for 2018, showing what South Africa is currently gaining over 100 job categories in 10 main sectors.

The pay review includes the latest latest pay information in the country, as well as regional differences in monthly pay. It is based on real salary offers on the CareerJunction website for the period May to November 2018.

The end of year review specifically looks at salary ranges for intermediate and advanced levels killing in 10 fields.

These salary ranges represent monthly payments to company & # 39; and only shows that the average salary equipment for all occupations, the group said.

The wages listed below are divided by sector, and include the average regional differences in pay. BusinessTech highlights the jobs with the highest and lowest salaries – although it should be noted that the salaries have been listed as a range, and will be different according to higher level and skill level.

** states where pay information was not available due to the low demand for the market for those skills sets.

Administration, Office and Support

  • Maximum payment: Health, Safety and Environment – R36,264
  • Low payment: Switchboard and Reception – R9,119

Architecture and Engineering

  • Maximum payment: Civil / Structural Engineering – R70,826
  • Low payment: Technician / Draft Engineering – R20,943

Construction and Construction

  • Maximum payment: Structural Engineering – R78,264
  • Low payment: Metal, Iron, Steel and Rebar Works – R19,833


  • Maximum payment: Financial Control – R79,002
  • Low payment: Financial Services Consultancy – R13,567

information technology

  • Maximum payment: IT Management – R66,141
  • Low payment: Systems and Network Administration – R27,667

Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Maximum payment: Plant Management – R72,583
  • Low payment: Assembling and Fabricating – R15,333


  • Maximum payment: Marketing Management – R56,275
  • Low payment: Marking Assistance – R13,451

Medical and Health

  • Maximum payment: Pharmacist – R46,025
  • Low payment: Pharmaceutical Assistant – R13,700


  • Maximum payment: Sales Management – R52,890
  • Low payment: Sales Administration – R11,953

Warehousing and Logistics

  • Maximum payment: Logistics Management – R52,048
  • Low payment: Distribution and Acceptance – R9,354

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