Sunday , January 24 2021

Sony PlayStation 5: Everything we know so far

The time is approaching the next generation of games consoles, as the PS4 and Xbox One are certainly approaching retirement age… Sony has dominated the current wars — with my PlayStation 4 sells 94 million units. So, it's safe to say that the world is anticipating Sony's follow-up work eagerly.

Microsoft's digital Xbox One S digital version is imminent, and with that its next-gen console is not far off or released for release in 2020. This means that Sony is likely to design a similar launch date. .

John Kodera, deputy president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said, “The PS4 starts [the] The final stage of his life cycle, ”during a corporate meeting in 2018. Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida, confirmed Kodera's statement by saying that the company was cooking“ next generation hardware. ”

It is also worth remembering that Sony consoles usually have a five to six year life. The PS4 has been around for about five years now, pointing to the 2020 release for the PS5.

Design: Close expectations

Although we do not have access to Sony's mystery hardware design section, what we know, is that computer components remain faster, thinner and smaller. So we expect one console that looks in detail, especially with Sony's design history.

Sony is then likely to choose a hard drive on the table, because we don't expect the company to choose to stream just yet. In the PlayStation ecosystem, there is no sign that it will give you the best physical games and games that have been downloaded again. Add this to the inevitable need for multiple ports and room for adequate cooling, and the PS5 will ask how much space suits you under your TV.

Keep in mind that we have not seen any valid images of the PS5 disclosed (good console section!). We've just encountered a few artists renders (like the one above by LetsGoDigital which has been de-tendered, but it looked pretty good at the time), but there's no sign that anyone of the images which we found again close to the real thing.

Specs: A definite upgrade

They have had five years of hardware developments, so Sony represents its upcoming console better. The PlayStation 5 interior is likely to be highly developed. It needs to power the best 4K games and the VR experiences that our 2019 (or 2020) must offer the whole.

One of the best rumors so far is guessing that the PS5 will have a dedicated graphics chiprather than combining graphics and processing on the same piece of silicon. That idea is news that the next generation AMD graphics is a technology for the PS5 already producing. It is said that these advanced 7nm chips, their codi Navi, are as powerful as some of the best graphics cards today.

Other rumors suggest that one of Sony's main programmers is already works hard on modifying AMD Ryzen technology, highlighting a major performance boost to the PS5's internal pieces.

When it comes to the power of raw processing power, the PS5 is sure to shadow its predecessor. Recent tweets (above) provide details of the forthcoming APU (Advanced Processing Process). It's probably called Gonzalo and will offer an eight-core processor, 3.2GHz clock speed, and 1GHz GPU clock speed. In short, a significant and welcoming improvement over the PS4 should ensure that it runs on 4K / 60fps smoothly.

Managers: hit or fail?

The most recent leak is one that has a lot of the PS community community. First, no one seems to know how valid the leak is, so don't let it go back to you again.

Ray Sekiro, PlayStation-centric Play's blog editor of the name Remote Play, has tweeted an image of what appears to the successor to the DualShock 4. And there are Looking … credible?

The stars for the manager are branded (yep, you've guessed) DualShock 5, and it's likely to include a touch screen display. Which one will replace the touch-sensitive pad on the 4th version.

Many have stunned the supposed leak, saying the design is not like the PlayStation scheme, and that the manager is generally too bulky. This could be true, but the manager is very similar to PS Razer manager, and I wouldn't be surprised if this happens as the upcoming DualShock.


As always, it is worth taking healthy suspicions about these discharges. Sony won't reveal a new console anytime soon, with the company skipping E3 and everyone.

But Xbox Two aka Xbox Scarlett has left for the 2020 launch, wI think all the signals refer to the 2019 launch for the PlayStation 5 (the early console holds the gamer worm, yes?), and it's likely that it will happen in the PlayStation Experience t later this year. If not in 2019, then definitely 2020. Either way, we probably need better TV.

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