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Samsung Galaxy S10 – The real Rand exchange rate


Samsung revealed its Galaxy S10 range of smartphones this week, revealing four new devices.

The company showed the Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 +, and S10 5G at its Unpacked 2019 event, all of which are aimed at the premium sector.

Although the S10 5G has not had a local release date, the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 +, and Galaxy S10e will be launched in South Africa on March 8, 2019.

South African pricing for the devices is as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e – R15,999
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB – R18,999
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + 128GB – R20,999
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + 512GB – R25,999
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 + 1TB – R35,999

Convert dollar

There are a number of factors that are going to smartphone pricing in South Africa, including the basic cost that the maker must pay, import duties and taxes that they have to be paid, the rand-dollar exchange rate, marketing and distribution costs, and of course money to keep company and brand running and turning profits.

Samsung is not an exception in this regard, and this is shown when you are looking at US dollar pricing at the Galaxy S10 prices rather than a rand.

At the time of writing, the border was around R14 to the US dollar, and the price price conversion of Galaxy S10 reveals that South Africa's "real exchange rate" will pay thanks to the above costs.

Using the Galaxy S10 (8GB / 128GB) as an example, the US price is $ 899 – while the price price is R18,999. This produces a "real exchange rate" from R21.13 to $ 1.

As mentioned, this rate does not indicate the long list of costs that take taking smartphones into South Africa, but it is an interesting sign of pricing differences in both markets.

Price differences

The table below shows the US dollar valuation and a rand for the Galaxy S10 range.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Pricing
Device RAM / Storage US Dollar SA Rand "Exchange rate"
Galaxy S10e
Samsung Galaxy S10e 6GB / 128GB $ 749 R15,999 R21.36 – $ 1
Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 8GB / 128GB $ 899 R18,999 R21.13 – $ 1
Galaxy S10 +
Samsung Galaxy S10 + 8GB / 128GB $ 999 R20,999 R21.02 – $ 1
Samsung Galaxy S10 + 8GB / 512GB $ 1,249 R25,999 R20.81 – $ 1
Samsung Galaxy S10 + 12GB / 1TB $ 1,599 R35,999 R22.51 – $ 1

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