Thursday , May 26 2022

Rockstar Games finally put up on Agent


Perhaps PS5 will be unique?

The only PS3 inclusion in the world seems to be more delays, as the parent company Rockstar gives the trademark to an Agent.

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This will be a blow to anyone who still hopes that Rockstar has been working secretly on Agent through this time, but they have given the most ownership of the trademark.

The Agent has been a vapourware of the first mentioned moment, when in 2007 it was published exclusively for PlayStation 3.

No description or music was offered and a whole two years before they even described what was: a simple player action game in the 1970s.

Agent – never existed?

For years there was no further information and yet Rockstar claimed they were working on it.

The only evidence that they came from some low screen screens were accidentally dropped by background artists, who showed nothing other than a Middle Eastern town and some stairs.

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However, Rockstar, or rather their parent company Take-Two Interactive, kept the trademark renewal, and in 2015 they were hired for new staff to work on a secret game & # 39; – would many assume it would be an Agent.

But none of that came, however, and from last week, Take-Two has given the owner the name of the agent, according to the United States Patent and Trade Mark office.

If you want to stay optimistic, they could of course change the name. It is also the fact that the Agent is still listed on the Rockstar website, but it's probably not much longer …

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