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Ranking The 50 Superheroes I never press


Superheroes are more important now than ever.

The creation of a strong Superman created in 1938 helped launch "Golden Age of Comic Books" and Man of Steel's success led to more lively characters.

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Quickly on to today and the superhero genre has taken over the entertainment industry.

Superhero films are responsible for four of the top ten gross films at all times in the box office worldwide, including Avengers: Infinity War (No. 4), The dealers (No. 6), Avengers: Ultron Age (No. 8) a Black Panther (No. 9).

And in 2018, only six of the 10 largest wins at the domestic box office that happened to be superhero fake – Black Panther (No. 1), Avengers: Infinity War (No. 2), Anhygoel 2 (No. 3), Aquaman (No. 5), Station 2 (No. 6) and Ant-man at Wasp (No. 9).

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That trend does not look like it will slow down in 2019, either.

With the forthcoming statements Captain Marvel (showing Brie Larson), Avengers: Endgame (perhaps the end of the line for Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and others) a Spider-Man: Far O Home (showing Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal) – not to mention new installments for Black Panther (with possible return of Erik Killmonger Michael B. Jordan) a Guardians of the Galaxy (with what Chris Pratt calls his "off-the-chain" script) at work, it was decided to define the time the most important superheroes from all times.

What makes an superhero important? Some characters, such as Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Goku, Black Lightning, Storm, Colossus a Other heroes, is essential not only because of their superpower, but also because of what they represent to a wider audience. Others – Superman, Batman and Human Torch – are important because of their impressive legacies.

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Below we listed the 50 most important heroes, based on those criteria.

Let's start with No. 50 …

Slide 1 or 5050. Hellboy
(Photo: Entertainment Summit)

Hellboy is an honest superhero who teaches us, you should not judge a book at his surroundings.

Slide 2 or 5049. Dani Moonstar
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

One of the first American Native Superheroes, Dani Moonstar – a member of the X-Men crew soldiers – is metal metal wields (sorry about it, Thor!) And she's traveling a horse huge white from the name Brightwind. So, yeah, she definitely needs her own movie.

Slide 3 or 5048. Capten Planet
(Photo: Turner Program Services)

Captain Planet knows that he can not stand alone. The green hero needs five five deaths to bring him alive. And his particular men's crew (the Planeteers) reminds us that we must protect the Earth. Here's the only one we have.

Slide 4 or 5047. We know
(Picture: New Line Cinema)

The CIA agent has been murdered who returns as an immortal wonder, Spawn proves that heroes come to every shape and size … and even in the depth of hell.

Slide 5 or 5046. ​​Lord Star
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Along with advanced martial skills and a silver tongue, Star Lord – aka Peter Quill – has the amazing ability to unite a group of tag-tag heroes and turn to Free Galaxy Guardians. Many superhero teams have failed to band with each other, while Star-Lord and a collision companion can save the universe multiple times.

Slide 6 or 5045. Luke Cage
(Photo: Netflix)

The first anti-black first-fighter to be a hero character and comic book title, Luke Cage is ex-con totally guilty of developing superhuman strength. In 2005, Cage became a member of the Avengers. That's pretty upgrade!

Slide 7 or 5044. Jesse Custer
(Photo: FX)

Custer – the hero of the FX show Preacher – It's on a mission to find God and punish. Custer is an entertaining hero, Western, who has a weakness just is his honors code. After sharing with power from the Genesis creature, Preacher can make people do whatever they want.

Slide 8 or 5043. Name of Vice-Mariner
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

After being created in 1939, Namor – along with Captain America and the Torch Man – was one of the best three best Timely Comics heroes. Namor, who has a higher strength than aviation ability, has played an important role in comic books as the first medium intake.

Slide 9 or 5042. The Punisher
(Photo: Netflix)

After his family was murdered, Frank Castle has one purpose in life: dial. He may be a violent anti-hero, but also in the co-creative words Gerry Conway, is "criticism of the important justice system, an example of social failure."

Slide 10 or 5041. Black Widow
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Black Widow – aka Natasha Romanoff – argued in 1964. She accompanies the Avengers, a pumping team full of testosterone pumping. Some people have to keep those defaults focus on saving the world – while kicking some big meat alone.

Slide 11 or 5040. Colosws
(Photo: Fox Fox)

One of the first comic book winners to come out like gay, Colossus is massive mild … when the mood hit him. Colossus may have incredible metal status, but only its powers that have strong strength only combat it when it is absolutely necessary.

Slide 12 or 5039. Shuri
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Princess Wakanda, Shuri – who could only bring the show in Black Panther – Iron Man's thoughts and ingenuity without the ego. In the comics, Shuri even assumes the role of Black Panther, and Wakanda's manager.

Slide 13 or 5038. Aquaman
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

When arguing in 1941, Aquaman might have been criticized for his lack of power seen – but that is noisy. Aquaman's amazing strength and power is not a laughter thing. The Justice Alliance member is also able to control all the aquatic life.

Slide 14 or 5037. Search
(Photo: Fox Fox)

One of the most powerful superheroes, Rogue can absorb and emulate the powers and those that come into contact with them. Not to mention, it can be argued that the best thing in any comic book is Rogue & # 39; s story-turned-good.

Slide 15 or 5036. Supergirl
(Photo: Warner Bros. TV)

The younger junior cousin of Kal-El gets LOT going on. Supergirl must balance career and life of quite intense love. But she does everything on while keeping the National City safe, proving that superheroes are so similar to us that it's a kind of crazy.

Slide 16 or 5035. Dr. Strange
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Stephen Vincent Strange is a former doctor who becomes Highly High in the Marvel comics. What's so important about Dr Strange? Well, it's just a fundamental defender of the Earth, which is a pretty big deal.

And is Avengers: Infinity War, he is the only one who has seen the "endgame".

Slide 17 or 5034. The Green Lantern
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The Halot Pilot is an extremely important hero. When it has been equipped, Jordan is a member of the Green Lantern Corps that protects the universe.

Slide 18 or 5033. Dr. Manhattan
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Large green auctioneer with telekinesis power and handling an issue, Dr Manhattan might be the most powerful on this list, and also has no weaknesses.

In the comics, Dr. Manhattan is so powerful that he helps the US to win the Vietnam War.

Slide 19 or 5032. Thor
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Thor is more of a god than a superhero, certainly, but after he was spoiled to the Earth, the Asgardian hammer came in to himself. Even when it is pushed out of comfort zone, Thor always finds a way to electrify.

Slide 20 or 5031. Hulk
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

The Hulk is incredible for so many reasons. A weak physical man who can transform into a muscular green humanoid with superhuman strength, the Hulk illustrates how difficult it is to balance who you are with whom you are supposed to be.

Slide 21 or 5030. Green
(Photo: Fox Fox)

Opposing in 1991, Deadpool is a deprived hood with fighting abilities and healthy improvement. And this may be the most entertaining superhero. Whenever it breaks the fourth wall, Deadpool proves that not every hero needs to be taken sooooo seriously.

Slide 22 or 5029. Catwoman
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Although she is known that Caped Crusader's overseer and nemesis, Catwoman has evolved to be a hero. He became a guardian of Gotham, and she was a Batman league in The Dark Knight rises. Still do not think she's a hero IGN Catwoman listed as the 20th best EVER comic hero.

Catwoman proves that no-one – superhero or otherwise – is 100 percent.

Slide 23 or 5028. Elastigirl
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Yes, she's superhero super-extended. But she is also a mother, who is pretty similar to being a SUPER superhero. While others are out to protect society, Elastigirl does all this while keeping his family safe and, in the most part, happy.

Slide 24 or 5027. Ant-Man
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Y minuscule Ant-Man played a huge role in the comic book book. He was one of the base members of the Avengers at the Marvel Comics. While one appears in the comics or movie, Ant-Man reminds us that the family comes first, no matter how large or small you are.

Slide 25 or 5026. The Wasp
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

In the comics, Janet van Dyne is an incredible smart scientist who doubles as a superheroin. She even came with the name "Avengers".

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Wasp – which could be even more powerful than Ant-Man – is so important to win a joint bill in the Ant-Man sequence.

Slide 26 or 5025. Cyclops
(Photo: Fox Fox)

Scott Summers, the laser shooting hero, incorporates the X-Men vision by devoting his life to help veterans and humanity.

Slide 27 or 5024. Powerpuff Girls
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The Girls Powerpuff gave children something that they have never seen: a spectacular team of female crime fighters in a pint. Blossom, Bubbles a Buttercup showed that superheroes can have a lot of fun when killing too much.

Slide 28 or 5023. Jessica Jones
(Photo: Netflix)

Jessica Jones might have top-guys, but that's not always the most important superheroes. She hanged her cap – so to speak – to become a private researcher who represents powerful people as himself. Jones shows that being a typical warmth is not the only way to make a huge difference.

Slide 29 or 5022. Green Arrow
(Picture: THE CW)

The difference between the Green Arrow and the traditional heroes, such as Batman and Superman, is that he can fully integrate to vigil and humanity. Green Arrow is often the moral compass of the DC heroes.

Slide 30 or 5021. Miss America (America Chavez)
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

A hero who can travel between dimensions, America Chavez intends to be like his two mothers, who died rescuing their home planet. Oh yes, Miss America is also unfortunately by bullets. And she is lesbian. Let too many of it get in.

Slide 31 or 5020. Kitty Pryde
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde has been pretty fast. Along with the power of unreliability, Kitty was the youngest mutant to join the X-Men team; She was one of a handful of women He said team; and was born to Jewish parents, giving someone that they could engage with Jewish Jewish readers.

Slide 32 or 5019. Mellt Du
Mellt 19-du
(Picture: THE CW)

Following the rise of a local branch, a retired superhero – who can handle electricity – turns main returns to the secondary school to combat crimes. Jefferson Pierce shows how difficult it is for a vigilant to balance family life with the protection of a city.

Slide 33 or 5018. Isis
(Picture: CBS)

You may not have heard about it, but Isis is an iconic superhero. Isis Secrets It was the first pioneering show of American living-life to show a female leader. In the show, a school teacher took place as the powerful emigrants of Egypt Isis.

Slide 34 or 5017. Captain Marvel
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Even before filming his first movie, he'll probably save Avengers, Captain Marvel can be counted as something important. In arguing in 1967 Captain Marvel has had multiple variations, but one thing remains the same: Carol Danvers is dedicated to ultimate duty and honor. The hero with cosmic powers should play an important role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward.

Slide 35 or 5016. Jean Gray
(Photo: Fox Fox)

There is a mutant with telekopy and telepathy powers, Jean Gray – you may know it as a Phoenix or Dark Phoenix – it's not a matter of anything … especially death. She has taken nappies more than once and again she returns to use her powers for good again.

Slide 36 or 5015. Human Torch
(Photo: Fox Fox)

Marvel Comics would not do what today is without the Human Torch. When arguing in October 1939, Jim Hammond is one of three Timely Comics signatures, along with Captain America and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Slide 37 or 5014. Professor X
(Photo: Fox Fox)

The deceitful leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier, worked tirelessly to create a world in which men and mutants can co-exist. Teacher X's knowledge and discipline prove that we can only take you the greatest, strongest and quickest hero, so far.

Slide 38 or 5013. Wolverine
(Photo: Fox Fox)

After creating as a war weapon in the Confidential Project X, Wolverine is adamantium-infused as a hero of great conflicts. Logan seeks to create a non-war world, where its strengths become worthless, if successful. Although there may be conflicts, no question is asked of Wolverine's loyalty.

Slide 39 or 5012. Blade
(Picture: New Line Cinema)

The semi-vampire was the first converted Marvel comic artist to the big screen. Heb Blade, many of the great summer summer movies we know and love may never have ever been made. BladeSuccess has also helped the genre of superhero and vampire films.

Slide 40 or 5011. And Flash
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

You may know the Flash as Barry Allen, but Jay Garrick was the first author. In 1956, DC Comics resumed the character as Allen. It was to re-imagine a character in the history of a first comic book.

Slide 41 or 5010. Daredevil
(Photo: Netflix)

The Fearless Man is the rare superhero who also has a disability – sight loss. Daredevil has raised awareness for people who have trouble with impairments. This hero also helps to give ordinary people a power to focus on their strengths and abilities, rather than their weaknesses.

Slide 42 or 509. Iron Man
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

A famous ladies with an incredible ego can also save the world. Tony Stark uses his millions for good, of course, but his heart of gold makes it essential.

Slide 43 or 508. Goku
(Photo: Fox Fox)

Based on a classic Chinese character and appearing in a Japanese magazine first, Goku is one of the most well-known superheroes ever known. This is what makes Son Goku better even: He has an absolutely incredible attitude. It's definitely wonderful, but will not welcome using its great strength.

Slide 44 or 507. Storm
(Photo: Fox Fox)

Give details of all the reasons why Storm is extremely important. It's obviously the spring mutant in the X-Men, who can control the weather, she's a free woman, she's traveling well, she & It's a style icon and it's just one of the only black superheroes in existence.

Slide 45 or 506. Captain America
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

The mantle as "First Avenger" brings many honors, including being one of the most important heroes. Steve Rogers shows that loyalty and honor can take you far – together with the strength and speed of superhuman, of course.

Slide 46 or 505. Black Panther
(Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Here's the star Marvel Comics is the first black superhero in the history of the mainstream comics book. That's a pretty big deal, people. Not to mention, Black Panther Here's the first superhero movie to nominate for the Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Slide 47 or 504. Batman
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The first superhero is not a hero, the Capad Crusader has higher abilities, but it has a dope belt, a trivial physicist and a detective thinking that has developed dramatically. He is the first hero to have his own operational base – the lightweight but light Batcave. And, unlike many other superheroes, Batman refuses to kill … most of the time.

Slide 48 or 503. Spider-Man
(Photo: Sony Photos)

Spider-Man, easily one of the most volatile superheroes ever, has been transformed into a hero by accident. The smarty-pants science student did not ask for this huge responsibility, but he faced him with those big eyes.

Slide 49 or 502. Wonder Woman
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

This is what makes Wonder Woman so, good, great: The world showed that she was so intelligent and competent (and powerful) as her male counterparts.

Slide 50 or 501. Superman
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Although Superman can not be the true first correspondent – The Phantom and Zorro leave the Steelman – they still define the genre. By 1941, Superman appeared in six different comic books, with a radio show itself, a newspaper strip and an animated cartoon series.

Without the popularity of Superman, there is a chance that the rest of the heroes we have grown with us would not exist … or, at least, would be extremely boring.

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