Thursday , May 26 2022

Rand companies are 1% dollar as the market marketed soft Brexit


The border was stronger against major major global money on Thursday morning, drowned by a dollar weight resulting from a dark assessment of the US economy in 2019.

US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell's chairman warned that global growth could slow down in 2019 to get rid of a tail for the US economy, stating that the most influential central bank in the world is being watched & # 39 ok n.

The euro and the pound were also under heavy pressure, as markets considered the implications of the Brexit draft agreement that had the cabinet's approval in the UK on Wednesday.

The draft agreement, which includes among other things, is a customs union agreement up to the end of 2020 until a UK trade agreement is still required by the UK Parliament to approve.

If this happens, the agreement is expected to be signed on 25 November.

At 9.31am the 1.1% stake was stronger against the dollar in R14.2372, 0.79% against the euro at R16.1519 and 0.93% against the pound at R18.5286. The euro 0.31% was stronger at $ 1.1344.

Very few large data statements this week, with a focus on the dollar, the price of oil and the issues of the Italian deficit.

The dollar had benefited from a higher geopolitical danger, and as instability was assisted, a weakness in the green was expected to return a strand to the edge, said Merchant Rand Bank Nema Ramkhelawan-Bhana.

"After recording the best daily return in the emerging market basket, the local unit to push below depends on whether the euro is able consolidate recent earnings and loss of global equity losses, "he said.

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