Tuesday , March 2 2021

Racist & # 39; Steenhuisen accuses EFF of eliteism in the rank of rank – The Citizen

The main whip of Democratic League (DA), John Steenhuisen, who has branded the Elite Buddhist of the Liberal Liberating Liberals (EFF) who wanted to keep the poorest out of politics and use their jobs to enrich themselves.

"I've never used my work to line my own pockets. I have never misused provincial tendering processes to make myself and my family rich, as did Julius Malema in Limpopo," he said. Steenhuisen in the National Assembly two days after he was driven by the EFF for his lack of university qualification.

"I have never stolen the poor and vulnerable savings to buy fancy houses and swimming pools, as Floyd Shivambu did with VBS Bank. And I have never attacked journalists, or the threat of fellow members This house, like the EFF on a regular basis. "

Steenhuisen stated that the Constitution was clear that "no matter whether you are a mining or cerebral surgeon, you could request an election to represent your community".

He added: "Let me be clear: I do not have a university degree, I have never pretended. I enrolled for BA in politics and law in [University of South Africa] However, in Unisa in 1994, however – like much of South Africa – I never finished because of financial pressures and work.

"I'm not ashamed of this."

He said that the EFF criticism was consistent with the English class system and meant that the party had been worn in employees' uniforms but who did not want those who claimed to be representing an elected office.

EFF benches responded to racist demand.

Shivambu, deputy leader of the EFF, on Twitter said a lack of degree or diploma from Steenhuisen explains "his confusion".

The row has caused political embarrassment to the DA, who has attended National African Congress officials for their past qualifications and has called for the replacement of civil servants because they did not study the beyond secondary school.

– – African News Agency (ANA)

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